How to send us your stationery without any headaches

In the context of our tailor-made enterprise solutions (500+ letters), we can also work with your ingredients/stationery. We write, envelope, enclose attachments, label parcels, etc.  But there are a few important things you need to consider to avoid bad headaches, caused e.g. by a refused acceptance of your shipment.

e.g. missing or incomplete delivery notes delay the processing time by 1-3 working days. Shipments without shipping notifications will not be accepted by our warehouse. On this page, you will find important information so that your ingredients can be processed as quickly as possible.

1.  Requisites

  • Only uncoated paper qualities.
  • Incl. extra of 10%.
  • deliver folded cards OPEN.
  • deliver inserts already folded to fit.
  • Only envelopes with adhesive tapes.
  • All ingredients in one shipment.

2. Packaging

  • pack everything carefully and protected against damages.
  • Only packages or Pallets are accepted.
  • All ingredients in one shipment, ideally.
  • Mark the delivery with your name.
  • Each package needs its own delivery note.

3. Delivery Note(s)

4. Despatch advice

  • send despatch advice by mail.
  • incl. tracking number(s).
  • Without advice, no goods receipt!

Pensaki delivery address:

Pensaki GmbH
AutoResS Logistik
Karlsruher Str. 110
68775 Ketsch

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