Handwritten birthday cards are more important than ever

Retention| Megan|28/10/2020


There is no more personal date during the year than our birthday. Nothing can replace the way we feel after an outpouring of thoughtfulness on this day. As a result, the most personal way of showing a friend or a loved one you are thinking about them on their special day is with personalized handwritten birthday cards.

handwritten happy birthday cards postcards by PENSAKI

By presenting someone with a handwritten birthday card, you are saying “I thought of you today and I wish you all the best for the next 365 days.” The impact of a physical card is more meaningful than sending a happy birthday email, text message or posting on a Facebook wall. In fact, studies show that 80% of Germans in the digital age are looking forward to something handwritten in the mailbox.

And, the rarer handwritten sentiments are, the more valuable they become.

Handwritten birthday cards say: You are appreciated

The personalization of handwritten birthday cards doesn’t need to be limited to friends and family members. Birthdays can also be acknowledged in business practices.

Handwritten happy birthday cards are more important than ever

All too often, this important day in the life of every person is not taken into account in customer loyalty programs. Birthdays are a unique opportunity to promote ad-free appreciation. That’s why, after name and address, the birthdate is one of the most sought-after pieces of personal information.

Birthday greetings are a very effective way of showing appreciation to the customer. Still, companies take “the easy way” out with template emails or auto-generated Facebook messages. In addition, some companies send coupons. Although that’s a nice touch, it’s not personalized.

One exception, however, is Pensaki’s handwritten birthday cards, as handwriting is particularly effective in our age of digitization. It stands out. It tells the recipient they are not just a number in the system. And while nothing can replace a handwritten letter penned by you, Pensaki works diligently to be the next best option.

Handwritten birthday cards say: Style matters

Handwritten birthday cards will not miss their effect. Over and over again, Pensaki has created cards that have improved, not just the KPI-controlled amount of customer responses, but the actual quality of the customer relationship, too. The heart does not run on metrics, it runs on emotion. Thanks to this more personal touch, valuable word-of-mouth advertising often spikes.

handwritten birthday cards amaze and surpriseIn our digital world, a gesture as simple as a handwritten birthday note has a much greater and memorable impact than any electronic message you can receive. For that reason, it can be a differentiator between you and your competition.

Handwritten birthday cards are more than just one-to-one communication. They are inarguably human, a personal appreciation of another person. A comprehensive corporate strategy for customer satisfaction should include handwritten content. Using all touchpoints, from digital to personal, creates loyal customers.

Pensaki makes handwritten birthday cards scalable. And we make it easy to plan ahead. Pensaki’s service is 100% online, which means you can directly send 1 or 10,000 letters with the click of a button.

You have full visibility and control over your order status and shipment dates. So, as soon as you acquire a new customer, and learn their birth date, you can pre-schedule a card.

Each handwritten birthday card uses cursive lettering and real ink. Order processing is completely and conveniently online. Within 5 working days, at the latest, the handwritten birthday cards will be in the hands of a “birthday boy” or “birthday girl.”

Because of this desire in customers for authentic connection, your company should consider reaching out to Pensaki soon.