Handwritten Happy Birthday Postcard

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Units: minimum 5 letters

Format: 210 x 105 mm (300 gsm)

Message: up to 430 characters

Handwriting Styles: ALEX Style

Pen: Fountain Pen

Shipment: Handover Global Mail within 3 business days

  • Quality Made in Germany
  • Ready to order format
  • 100% Personalized Messages
  • All-in pricing incl. VAT, paper, and shipment
  • 100% content personalization

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Anna Brunner


"We have invited several thousand executives to our festival with handwritten Pensaki invitations and the response was great."

Michaela Seika


"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%! Like it."

Stephan Kreissler

Forum Mediaplanung

"We've achieved an attendance record at our event and received a lot of great feedback, largely due to the Pensaki's (handwritten) invitation".

Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer GmbH

"PENSAKI delivers great results. It's unusual and effective."

Jakob Becker


"Superbe online service, indistinguishable from a (human) handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Charlie Hutton

Bestselling Sales & Marketing Author

"Pensaki is possibly the coolest marketing service I've seen, and this is due to their on demand, handwritten, direct mail services"

Only writing by yourself is cooler!

Obviously nothing beats a letter than you pen yourself, in your unique handwriting style. But if you lack a legible handwriting style or any of the required ingredients (quality stationery, post stamps, a mailbox to mail your handcrafted letters) Pensaki provides the very best alternative you can get online. You type, and we'll take care of the rest.

This handwritten postcard is ideal if you want to congratulate someone with a handwritten message. This postcard is completely unbranded except for the "Happy Birthday" imprint on the front. Your text and address will be written for you with a rollerball pen. Every postcard is mailed globally with a German post stamp. You can personalize every handwritten postcard completely with Pensaki. You can order these postcards directly online. Within 3 business days the postcard will be mailed for you.

At Pensaki© (Japanese for fountain pen) all cards and letters are written by robots with a human handwriting style. For this purpose, fountain pens or ballpoint pens are clamped in a device, which then pens your message. Your messages and addresses are easily entered online. In addition, the data can be transferred via the Pensaki API for Robot Handwriting from all common CRM systems. Before mailing the letters our friendly employees check the quality manually.

You can create and order all letters directly online at Pensaki. All standard letters will be mailed globally with Deutsche Post. Also mail-merge campaigns with 10,000+ recipients can be easily created online with Pensaki. Read here more about how Pensaki works.

Please always consider the very important success factors in order to achieve also outstanding results with Pensaki. By the way, the golden rule is: It can't be important if it doesn't fit on one page! So please keep the letters free from plain advertising and buzzwords. Keep it real! Successful letters are always personal, relevant and concise (read more here).

"Hello Pensaki Team, I was very excited about the quality of the cards and more importantly, the recipients were very happy about it. The quality of the handwriting style, paper and shipping can only be rated with five stars. Thank you very much!"
"Excellent as always! Fast processing, great support, easy handling!"
"We are really excited about how perfect and real the handwriting looks."
More Customer Success
"We are very satisfied with the result! The cards look like they were written by hand and our customers are very happy about it."
"The service is very good, very friendly staff, the individual wishes are taken into account. Lightning-fast processing and shipping. "

All Pensaki standard letters are mailed directly to the recipients via Deutsche Post global mail. We hand those letters over for mail delivery within 3 business days. With at least 100 letters it is also possible to letters to you via DHL/DPD/UPS.

There is a very important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. There are also several levels of communication that have to be considered to generate success.  The recipients values also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that the sender has invested in his message. British marketing expert, Rory Sutherland speaks in this context about “costly signaling” (read more here).

Pensaki customers achieve outstanding results with our handwritten letters, provided that the key success factors are taken into account. Since every customer is always a human who wants to be perceived as such, valued, understood and individually advised. Those who take this into account will be rewarded with outstanding success. Unbranded letters are particularly important for customer acquisition. This makes Pensaki standard formats ideal for handwritten advertising letters.A way of achieving outstanding business success is to leverage the power of authentic handwritten messages, positioning your company high above the crowd. Expressing your appreciation towards your customers will almost always pay back twice.

Open Rate 95%
Suprise & Delight 80%
Response Rate 40%