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Marketing success with handwritten envelopes

40 %

Response Rate

"PENSAKI invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign. Lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

24 %

Response Rate

"With Pensaki we easily achieved a 24% response rate. Normally, even with up-to-date data, the response rate is below 2%."

10 %

Response Rate

"... achieved a great direct mail response rate with PENSAKI. 10 percent of those contacted made an appointment."

40 %

Response Rate

"... achieved a great direct mail response rate as 40 percent of the recipients were converted as Leads."

Why are handwritten envelopes so effective? Perceived Value Matters.

Generate GDPR compliant leads with handwritten letters without breaking the law


100% GDPR compliant lead generation without opt-in consent.


Humans don't evaluate things, but their meaning.


Non-rational factors drive most of our decisions.

Marketing KPIs

Digital marketing doesn't provide any silver bullet.

Handwritten Envelopes Make Your Message Stand Out

Smart direct mail campaigns are far from outdated as many successful businesses rely on highly personalized direct mail to drive a constant flow of new leads, in the context of invitations to relevant events.  A handwritten invitation in a hand-addressed envelope conveys attention to detail, exclusivity, and quality and shows the recipient that they are special. Self-written invitations are always the best option, but if you lack the capacities or neat handwriting you can use Pensaki to do the job.

Physical direct mail campaigns are proven to have more influence than digital messages. Acquiring new customers or winning back customers with handwritten invitations has proven to be a very effective strategy, especially when you consider these success factors.  Handwritten invitations offer an outstanding opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Handwritten envelopes are practically always opened because they are simply impossible to ignore. At Pensaki you can order hand-addressed envelopes at scale to surprise and delight your customers, boosting open and response rates. While your competitors are drowning in a sea of cheap printed direct mail, your handwritten envelopes will convert.

There is a huge opportunity to stand out because there is a very important fact that is often forgotten: Communication is not the same as information.  The recipients of your handwritten invitations always also value the creative aspect and perceived costs that you invested("costly signaling").

With PENSAKI you can prove that traditional marketing is still a very valuable asset. The art of synergizing traditional marketing with digital marketing provides amazing opportunities for your company.

Your competition also keeps itself up to date.

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