Handwritten Envelopes Maximize Open Rates

If your message is sent in an envelope with a handwritten address, it stands out 100% within the mail stack. Such envelopes make the recipients curious because these envelopes express esteem for the addressee. The result is opening rates of practically 99%. Ordinary mail uses printed addresses. Such envelopes disappear on the pile with other mail. A handwritten envelope proves impressively that the sender is aware of the importance of such details. That's why hand addressed envelopes massively improve direct mail response rates.

Product: Envelope1S

Type: Recipient Addressing Only

In the case of our Envelope1S format, only the recipient's address is written on the envelopes or labels. The sender's credentials are either printed on the envelopes or omitted.

"Hand-addressed envelopes gleaned almost three times as many responses compared to printed labels."

"In fact, the Pensaki handwriting conveys authenticity: if you look closely, you can see the irregularly distributed ink, the minimal imprint of the filler in the paper, the not exactly parallel lines of letters."

Product: Envelope2S

Type: Recipient Addressing + Sender Credentials

In the case of our Envelope2S format, the recipient's address as well as the sender credentials are written on the envelopes. The sender's credentials can be written on both the front or backside of the envelopes.

"BRFKreditbank achieved a 90 percent RESPONSE RATE with handwritten envelopes."

"The handwritten postcard promises attention - next to time the most important resource in the media industry."

The handwriting is back! | NZZ

Product: Label1S

Type: Recipient Addressing Only

In this case, the address of the consignee is "handwritten" on a label. This solution is ideally suited for colored envelopes or parcels mailings.

Made with ❤️ in Germany

Product: Label2S

Type: Recipient's address & sender's details on the label

In this case, the address of the consignee is "handwritten" on a label, together with the sender details. This solution is ideally suited for colored envelopes or parcels mailings.

Are you ready to surprise & delight your customers with a tailor-made handwritten campaign?

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Customer Reviews

Jakob Becker


"We are a satisfied customer for several years already. Superbe online service, indistinguishable from a (human) handwritten note."

Anna Brunner


"We have invited several thousand executives to our festival with handwritten Pensaki invitations and the response was great."

Michaela Seika


"Good old handwriting boosts leads for DIGITAL Oracle Eloqua CAMPAIGN. Lead conversion rate of around 40%!"

Stephan Kreissler

Forum Mediaplanung

"We've achieved an attendance record at our event, largely thanks to the Pensaki (handwritten) invitation".

Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer GmbH

"PENSAKI delivers great results. It's unusual and effective."

Charlie Hutton

UK's leading online lead generation consultant

"Pensaki is possibly the coolest online marketing service I've seen, on-demand handwritten letters."

Only writing by yourself is cooler!

A legible handwriting, high-quality stationery, envelopes and stamps, not to mention the need to find a letterbox, are not required with Pensaki. You type. We take care of the rest.

"80 Percent Of Germans Love To Receive Handwritten Letters In The Digital Age."

Our Value Proposition

Quality Leadership

Pensaki pursues a quality leadership strategy. At Pensaki, every letter is written for you by a robot. Everything else is taken care of by "quality-obsessed" humans, including our manual quality control process.

100% Online

The order processing takes place 100% online. You will be continuously informed about the processing steps. Of course you can completely personalize every message as well, thanks to our unique mail merge editor.


Creating 100 handwritten letters is easy. The production of 10,000 handwritten letters by the agreed deadline requires a lot more. That's why we at Pensaki rely on robots. This allows the beauty of handwritten letters to be combined with a very high degree of scalability, without human errors and quality issues. Yes, we have disintegrated the contradiction between quality and quantity.

Enterprise-grade Services

We create bespoke handwritten letters at scale for you, insert them into envelopes, enclose flyers, etc. In the case of our tailor-made enterprise services, we can provide you with many options. We ship globally.