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Handwritten Envelopes Maximize Open Rates

If your message is sent in an envelope with a handwritten address, it stands out 100% within the mail stack. Such envelopes make the recipients curious because these envelopes express esteem towards the addressee. As a result such envelopes are practically always opened. Mediocre direct mail campaigns use printed addresses.

The psychology behind handwritten addresses on envelopes extends beyond just feeling appreciated. It also taps into our curiosity and desire for novelty. When we see something out of the ordinary, like a handwritten address, it piques our interest and makes us more likely to engage with it. This is why marketers and businesses often use handwritten envelopes to increase open rates and response rates.

Have you ever noticed that you are more likely to open an envelope that has your address written by hand with a fountain pen, compared to one that has been printed? There’s actually a psychological explanation for this phenomenon. Handwritten addresses on envelopes convey a sense of personalization and appreciation that printed envelopes simply cannot replicate.

Humans have an innate desire to feel valued and appreciated. It’s a fundamental psychological need that is deeply rooted in our nature. When someone takes the time to handwrite your address on an envelope, it sends a signal that they have put in extra effort and care into the correspondence. It shows that they view you as an individual, rather than just a name on a mailing list.

In contrast, printed envelopes are mass-produced and lack the personal touch that a handwritten address provides. They are often associated with junk mail or impersonal business correspondence. When we receive a printed envelope, our brains are more likely to dismiss it as unimportant or irrelevant.

In fact, studies have shown that handwritten envelopes can increase open rates by as much as 300% compared to printed envelopes. This is a significant difference that can have a major impact on the success of a direct mail campaign or other correspondence.

So what can printed envelopes do to replicate the effects of a handwritten address? The short answer is, not much. While there are some techniques that can make printed envelopes more personal, such as using handwritten fonts or adding a handwritten note inside, they still lack the authenticity and uniqueness of a handwritten address.

The reason why we are more likely to open an envelope with a handwritten address is because it taps into our psychological need for personalization, appreciation, and curiosity. Handwritten envelopes convey a sense of care and effort that is absent from printed envelopes, making them more effective at capturing our attention and inspiring us to take action. If you want to make a meaningful impression on someone, take the time to write their address by hand – it may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference.

Handwritten mailings achieve powerful marketing results

Handgeschriebene Kuvert2S mit Empfängeranschrift ohne Absenderangaben

Product: Envelope1S

Type: Recipient Addressing Only

In the case of our Envelope1S format, only the recipient's address is written on the envelopes or labels. The sender's credentials are either printed on the envelopes or omitted.

"Hand-addressed envelopes gleaned almost three times as many responses compared to printed labels."

Product: Envelope2S

Type: Recipient Addressing + Sender Credentials

In the case of our Envelope2S format, the recipient's address as well as the sender credentials are written on the envelopes. The sender's credentials can be written on both the front or backside of the envelopes.

"BRFKreditbank achieved a 90 percent RESPONSE RATE with handwritten envelopes."

Handgeschriebene Kuvert2S mit Empfängeranschrift und Abenderangaben
Handgeschriebene Adressen auf Etiketten von Pensaki

Product: Label1S

Type: Recipient Addressing Only

In this case, the address of the consignee is "handwritten" on a label. This solution is ideally suited for colored envelopes or parcels mailings.

Product: Label2S

Type: Recipient's address & sender's details on the label

In this case, the address of the consignee is "handwritten" on a label, together with the sender details. This solution is ideally suited for colored envelopes or parcels mailings.

Handgeschriebene Adressen auf Etiketten von Pensaki

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