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Handwritten envelopes get opened: the alternatives

Hand addressed envelopes have a significant impact on open rates and engagement. These envelopes stand out in a stack of mail and trigger curiosity and a sense of esteem in recipients. This psychological effect goes beyond mere content; it taps into our need for personalization and appreciation. Handwritten addresses signal that the sender values the recipient as an individual, making them more likely to open and engage with the content inside.

In contrast, printed envelopes lack this personal touch and are often associated with impersonal or junk mail. Research shows that hand addressed envelopes can increase open rates by up to 300% compared to printed ones. Attempts to replicate this effect with printed envelopes, such as using handwritten fonts or adding handwritten notes inside, fall short of the authenticity and uniqueness of genuinely handwritten addresses.

Overall, hand addressed envelopes leverage our psychological need for personalization, appreciation, and curiosity, making them a powerful tool for improving the success of direct mail campaigns and other correspondence. In essence, taking the time to write an address by hand may seem like a small detail, but it can have a profound impact on making a meaningful impression.

The impressive BRFKredit success story demonstrates that handwritten envelopes alone can already yield extraordinary results by leveraging behavioral science. Using handwritten envelopes not only saves the company money but also alleviates customer concerns and difficulties. In many contexts, it is worth considering the strategic use of handwritten envelopes or letters to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Recipient's address

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Handwritten Envelopes Drive Engagement and open doors

handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


Qualitätskontrolle Karten in Handschrift • PENSAKI


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


Surprise& Delight

Type: Envelope1S

In the case of our Envelope1S format, only the recipient's address is written on the envelopes or labels. The sender's credentials are either printed on the envelopes or omitted.

"Hand-addressed envelopes gleaned almost three times as many responses compared to printed labels."

Type: Envelope2S

In the case of our Envelope2S format, the recipient's address as well as the sender credentials are written on the envelopes. The sender's credentials can be written on both the front or backside of the envelopes.

Type: Address Labels

We also create custom, genuine-looking handwritten addresses on address labels and have them delivered to you. This is an excellent option if you wish to infuse a personal touch into a campaign using boxes instead of envelopes. For instance, if you plan to send gifts to your corporate clients or provide product samples to social media influencers, it's an ideal choice. By doing so, you convey the message on the outside of the package that something unique is happening inside. This not only piques curiosity but is also seen as a gesture of appreciation.By default, we use the A6 format (148 x 105mm) for all such labels. We recommend using ballpoint pens instead of fountain pens, as this offers better protection against raindrops and similar environmental factors.

Handwritten envelopes stand out from any mail stack

Timmy Hack


« We are completely satisfied with both the process and the obtained results! »

Michaela Seika


« PENSAKI letters generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign, with a lead conversion rate of around 40%! »

Handwritten envelopes are a powerful marketing tool. They stand out because they show personal effort and care, making recipients more likely to open and read them. Pensaki specializes in sending these unique envelopes, enhancing customer engagement.

Handwritten mail is not just about the message, but also the personal touch. This approach is especially effective in B2B marketing. In today’s digital world, the rarity of handwritten letters grabs attention. They create a personal connection, making recipients feel valued and more responsive.

These envelopes also comply with data privacy regulations without needing prior consent, unlike emails. Tailoring each envelope to individual recipients boosts engagement and leads to successful customer acquisition. With response rates between 10 to 40 percent, handwritten letters are a standout strategy for making your business memorable and increasing sales in a digital-dominated world.

Handwritten Envelopes, the Key to Customer Engagement

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Handwritten envelopes get opened: the alternatives • PENSAKI®