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PENSAKI Robot Handwritten Letters2Go from 5 letters ℹ

3 business days until postage
handwritten sorry notes
Sorry Notes

400 chars + addresses
EUR 5.08 each *
min 5 cards


Individualformate PENSAKI Handschrift-1
Tailor-Made Formats

MOQ 250 letters


handwritten thank you notes
Thank-You Notes

400 chars + addresses
EUR 5.08 each *
min 5 cards


handwritten cards, written by robots
Premium Cards

400 chars + addresses
EUR 4.88 each *
min 5 cards


handwritten letters service
Letter A4 650

650 chars+addresses
EUR 5.98 each *
from 5 letters


effective sales letters by PENSAKI A4 1000
Long Letter 1.000

1000 chars+addresses
EUR 6.58 each *
min 5 letters


You can order our standard handwritten letters ℹ online immediately starting from 5 letters. These handwritten letters are written for you with a real fountain pen, including the addressing of the envelopes. These letters are sent directly to the recipients with Deutsche Post Global Mail. Usually, the letters are handed over to Deutsche Post within three working days.

Thanks to the PENSAKI mail merge letter function you can easily personalize all your letters. The order process works directly with your web browser ℹ,  including payment by credit card or PayPal. The prices of all standard letters are all-in prices, including stationery, German post stamps, and global mail delivery.

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Robot Handwritten letters achieve strong business results

Pensaki customers achieve outstanding results with our handwritten letters, as long as the important key success factors have been taken into account. An extraordinary high open rate is generally speaking not enough for a successful CRM campaign. In order to drive response more things need to be considered. Read here to learn more about these key success factors.

Handwritten CRM mailings can provide noteworthy business results both in the B2B and B2C context. Driving customer retention campaigns with handwritten notes can make a huge difference when you want to convert satisfied customers to emotionally connected fans.

An emotional connection matters a lot more than only customer satisfaction. That's why great brands aim for customers' hearts, not their wallets. Making an investment in optimizing the on and offline end-to-end customer experience has become critical for all leading companies. Handwritten messages can make a huge difference here.


Why are our robot handwritten letters so successful? Perceived Value Matters.

Generate GDPR compliant leads with handwritten letters without breaking the law


100% GDPR compliant lead generation without opt-in consent.


Humans don't evaluate things, but their meaning.


Non-rational factors drive most of our decisions.

Marketing KPIs

Digital marketing doesn't provide any silver bullet.

Our robot handwritten letters generate quality B2B leads

Robot Handwritten letters are ideal for all those who want to write a fairly long message. The stationary and the envelopes are of high-quality and completely unbranded. Your message, the address and your sender’s details on the back of the envelope will be written for you with a fountain pen. Every letter gets a German first-class post stamp and will be mailed globally for you. You can completely personalize every handwritten letter with Pensaki, i.e. not only the salutation line. Smart content personalization is a very important success factor. If you consider the key success factors, also your campaign will be very successful.

"Business relationships without an emotional dimension are fundamentally questioned already with minor problems and price differences".

You can order all our robot handwritten letters directly online. Within 3 business days, the letter will be handed over to Deutsche Post for global mail delivery. There is a very important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. There are also several levels of communication that have to be considered to generate success. The recipients value also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that the sender has invested in his message. British marketing expert, Rory Sutherland speaks in this context about “costly signalling”.

Your competition also keeps itself up to date.

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