Our Warehouse Delivery Address

In the context of our tailor-made enterprise solutions (500+ letters), we can also work with your branded stationery. We write, envelope, enclose attachments, label parcels etc. But there are a few important things you need to consider to avoid headaches and delays, caused e.g. by a refused acceptance of your shipment. Shipments without shipping notifications will not be accepted by our warehouse.

Our production starts as soon as all data and ingredients have been delivered completely, i.e. our production does not start with partial deliveries. Incomplete deliveries or missing delivery notes usually delay production by 1-3 business days.

1. Requisites

・Uncoated papers only.

・No remoistenable gum.

・Incl. extra of 10%.

・Deliver folded cards OPEN.

・Stationery in one shipment.

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2. Packaging

・Protect against damage.

・Ship everything together.

・Mark Shipment visibly.

・Parcels or pallets only.

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3. Despatch Advice

・incl. Tracking numbers.

4. Shipment

Our Warehouse:


OPEN: 09:00 - 17:30 CET (Saturdays and national holidays excluded)

Made with ❤️ in Germany

Response Rates (cold)

Email (only GDPR-compliant with double opt-in) ¹ : 1%
Print Direct Mail (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ¹: 5%
Pensaki-letters (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ²: 40%

Legally speaking, all business invitations are advertising. Therefore, sending an invitation (according to EU-GDPR) may also constitute an unreasonable nuisance. If the invitation is sent by email, consent with the double-opt-in is legally required beforehand. If the invitation is sent by direct mail, no prior consent is required. While recipient opt-ins aren't compulsory in the case of direct mail, gaining legitimate interest is. If your company can prove your campaign is of legitimate interest to those you are targeting, the need for consent disappears. This is unlike email marketing, where consent is always required. Cold contact by email, WhatsApp or SMS are not GDPR-compliant, whether for consumers or business. As a result, the DMA Response Rate Report 2018 demonstrate, high-quality offline mailings can make a very important value contribution.

Pensaki Testimonials Michaela Seika

Michaela Seika


"Pensaki invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign. Lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

Erfahrungen mit Pensaki Referenz Timmy Hack

Timmy Hack

Hörgeräte Möckel

"We are completely satisfied with both the Pensaki order process and the results of the campaigns!"

Werbebriefe in Handschrift Pensaki Referenz Jakob

Jakob Becker


"Excellent service, the results are indistinguishable from a human handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Referenz Ipaxx

Shahin Pour


"We are a very satisfied customer for several years now. The quality of the cards is excellent and the online service is ideal for our VIP - CRM campaigns".