Robot handwriting styles that surprise & delight

Standard Handwriting Style

Our standard handwriting styles are available to all customers free of charge. For 250 letters or more, simply select a handwriting style for your mailing. All letters or cards are then written based on this human handwriting with fountain pens or pens.

  • Already coded handwriting styles
  • Possibility of combining with your VIP signature
  • Available immediately
  • Free choice from 250 pcs.

Your VIP-Handwriting Style

Do you value maximum individuality and would like to create your personal mailings with your own handwriting? In this case, we will be happy to program your personal VIP handwriting. In this way, PENSAKI becomes your perfect private secretary.

  • We code your handwriting
  • incl. one signature
  • Available from 250 letters per job
  • One-time costs are incurred

Our robot handwriting styles surprise, amaze and delight

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Personalize Your Messages with Robot-Written Handwritten Letters

In today’s digital era, the rarity and significance of receiving handwritten letters cannot be overstated. They signify the sender’s dedication in crafting a personal message, an experience that transcends the generic nature of emails and texts. Yet, not everyone possesses impeccable handwriting or the leisure to handwrite letters themselves. This is where robot-generated handwritten letters step in.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, robots equipped with fountain pens can craft exquisite, authentic handwritten letters that are virtually indistinguishable from those penned by humans. This innovation empowers individuals and businesses to infuse a personal touch into their communications, whether it’s directed at customers, employees, friends, or constituents. It removes the burden of flawless penmanship and the time-intensive process of manual letter-writing.

Conveniently, you can easily order robot-generated handwritten letters online, eliminating the need for trips to the post office and queueing. Moreover, the flexibility to customize the content and style of each letter ensures recipients feel genuinely valued and cherished, thereby enhancing relationships and creating a lasting impression.

Robot-generated handwritten letters offer an exceptional solution for anyone seeking to imbue their messages with a personal touch while bypassing the challenges of handwriting. With this groundbreaking technology, individuals and businesses can produce stunning, authentic letters guaranteed to astonish and leave a profound impact on the recipient. Experience the magic of handwritten letters in the digital age today!


« Impressive result! The postcard mailing achieved a much higher response rate than any other mailing before. Numerous customers contacted me and were thrilled to receive a handwritten” postcard.»

Andreas, Frankfurt - 06.09.2022 🇩🇪

«I am convinced of the quality and service. We were able to save a lot of manual time for this and will use the service again and again. Value for money, professionalism, and quality.»

Lukas, Trier - 24.01.2022 🇩🇪

« Wonderful! Brilliant service, super results! If only all service providers would operate like this. And the handwritten letters are simply of top quality! Thank you very much!»

Katja L., Berlin. - 23.12.2021 🇩🇪

« Great customer service! My questions were quickly answered by customer support by mail. Thank you for the friendly service at all times! »

Ina, Hamburg - 19.10.2022 🇩🇪

« Satisfied all around! Fast and friendly response to all kinds of requests; they try to make every request as possible for the customer – thanks for that and keep it up! »

Lina W. - 16.03.2021 🇦🇹

« Amazing – Thanks for the supreme support and product. Handwritten postcard mailings with PENSAKI are simply outstanding. »

Jan S. - 19.03.2021 🇩🇪

« Reliable, friendly, and highly competent lead generation experts… very easy ordering process and the obtained sales results exceeded our expectations. »

Jeannette, Art Director - 07.10.2021 🇩🇪

« Worked perfectly! Configured online without problems and 2 business days later the letters were already delivered. »

Florian - 04.01.2021 🇩🇪

« Easier and faster than I expected! I was worried at first that PENSAKI would not be feasible for my 1,000 personalized handwritten cards. But it was very easy, support was always available and quick, so I’m happy all around.  »

Tabea S. - 08.04.2021 🇩🇪

« Great service, great results! Thanks for the great handling of more than 3,000 personalized handwritten Christmas cards – I am always fascinated by how perfect the result is! »

Ingo M. - 02.12.2020 🇩🇪

« Wonderful. A lovely personal touch that was well-received by all the recipients. »

Timothy - 12.01.2020 London 🇬🇧

« Perfect: Fast, hassle-free support and fast delivery. Thanks again. »

Verena, Vienna -  25.08.2022 🇦🇹 

« Super support and execution. Even with only small numbers a very fast and professional online service. The support by the Pensaki team was excellent and the quality of the handwritten letters is outstanding. »

Philipp R. - 03.02.2021 🇩🇪

« Both the upfront guidance and order execution were very good. We are very satisfied with the achieved results.»

Claudia - 06.10.2021 🇩🇪

Humans don’t want to be wooed, they want to be courted.

Wooing people works when you take the basics of psychology into account. Expressing appreciation plays a decisive role in this. Studies show impressively that expressing appreciation plays an important role. Such relationship marketing investments have a positive impact on sales growth and “share of wallet.”

Handwritten messages appeal directly to the subconscious.

Successful marketing campaigns, therefore, pay attention to creativity, personality and expressed appreciation. Knowledge of cognitive biases is very important in the context of effective communication strategies because it provides access to irrational behavior. This includes, for example, that successful communication always takes place on several levels. For a message to be perceived as significant, it must convey a corresponding value, because the subconscious automatically evaluates the perceived cost invested by the sender.

The recourse to supposedly antiquated letters in handwriting can offer outstanding opportunities. At PENSAKI, all content is written by robots in human handwriting. Each character is written with fountain pens or ballpoint pens. For calligraphy handwriting, we use normal calligraphy pens.

All texts and addresses at PENSAKI are written for you using human handwriting. Of course, we do not use fonts. You can either use one of our readily available handwriting styles, or we can use your personal handwriting. It is also possible to combine  a standard handwriting with your signature. But of course, reaching for a fountain pen yourself always remains the best alternative to PENSAKI.

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Schreibroboter Handschriften: Standard vs. VIP-Handschriften