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Brief Handwritten Letters Are Massively More Successful & Magnificent

Sir Karl Raimund Popper,

“If you can’t say it simply and clearly, keep quiet, and keep working on it till you can.”

Sir Karl Raimund Popper

Golden rule: It can't be important if it doesn't fit on one page. Even Goethe needed more time for a short handwritten letter than for a long one! You always need more time for a short concise letter. Because if you just write everything down quickly, the letter automatically becomes way too long. Getting a message to the point is always a lot harder because it requires effort and brainpower. But the recipients will always thank you for your efforts. This is exactly what makes the difference between quantity and quality. Of course, the content of the handwritten note is a very important success factor. If you write just as you think, then random thoughts string together. This only ever corresponds to a very rough – usually not completely thought-out – design. In the same way, the letter is always far too long and bad.

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It can't be important if it doesn't fit on one page.

A handwritten letter is a tangible thing, something that engages our senses in a way that technology cannot. They are a physical reminder of the writer, their thoughts forever etched onto a physical object. Your reader will not soon forget you if you have considered the success factors. Whereas printed letters are mostly only skim read, i.e. the content quickly disappears from the human brain, handwritten letters are read completely. Please make sure that your handwritten messages are always PCR (personal, concise and relevant).

Be Truthful, Be Concise, Be Relevant, Be Clear! In the short term, the spice lies! But a good and “spicy” letter can only come into being if you think about it in advance and develop an exact idea. In which order do you want to lead the reader to the relevant content with your handwritten letter? What arc of tension should follow this? Question each sentence as to whether it really adds value for the recipient! This work takes time – the longer and more complicated a letter, the more time you need to simplify the text.

A concise, personal and relevant handwritten message is a must

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Powerful handwritten messages:  some lengths examples

Here you find a few text examples with different amounts of text for your orientation. The number of characters always refers to the value including spaces. Each PENSAKI format is defined by a unique number of lines and characters per line. This means that it may be necessary to optimize the text with regard to the line breaks that may occur. A "handwritten" message cannot be scaled in size like a print, because fountain pen and ballpoint pen define the line sizes for handwriting.

Hallo Frau Müller, ich würde mich sehr freuen, Sie am 18. Januar in Berlin begrüßen zu dürfen. Es haben sich sehr interessante Redner mit tollen Themen angekündigt. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort!

Hallo Frau Müller, ich würde mich sehr freuen, Sie am 18. Januar in Berlin begrüßen zu dürfen. Es haben sich sehr interessante Redner mit tollen Themen angekündigt. Marketing ist wie ein Puzzle – erst zusammen ergeben die Einzelteile einen Mehrwert. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort! Ihr Haritoro Pensaki


Dear John,Do you agree that in a world so digitally connected,brands can't afford to forget the "offline" experiences todrive meaningful, emotional connections with customers?We at Pensaki believe that something as "simple" as ahandwritten thank-you card* can make all the difference tocreate long-term customers and brand advocates. Could thistopic fit into you marketing strategy? Would be great. ☺Yours sincerely,Haritoro Pensaki ( a Pensaki robot hat written this letter with a Lamy pen.

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Dear Jane,Thank you for your interest in our online services.In a world so digitally connected, handwritten* notesaren't only romantic but also very effective. Why?Because the brain is decoding information and not onlyabsorbing it. The decoding works by influence.A handwritten note conveys a very specific messageto the recipient. The things we infer from communicationsare much more powerful than the ostensible message thatthe communication caries. That's why Pensaki customersachieve outstanding business results in both thelead generation and retention context. ☺I'd love to tell you more, just send me an email!Yours Haritoro* learn more about the business results at

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Liebe Frau Müller, ich hoffe, es geht Ihnen gut. eine wunderbare Heiterkeit hat meine ganze Seele eingenommen, gleich den süßen Frühlingsmorgen, die ich mit ganzem Herzen genieße. Ich bin allein und freue mich meines Lebens in dieser Gegend, die für solche Seelen geschaffen ist wie die meine. Ich bin so glücklich, mein Bester, so ganz in dem Gefühle von ruhigem Dasein versunken, daß meine Kunst darunter leidet. Ich könnte jetzt nicht zeichnen, nicht einen Strich, und bin nie ein größerer Maler gewesen als in diesen Augenblicken. Wenn das liebe Tal um mich dampft, und die hohe Sonne an der Oberfläche der undurchdringlichen Finsternis meines Waldes ruht, und nur einzelne Strahlen sich in das innere Heiligtum stehlen, ich dann im hohen Grase am fallenden Bache liege, und näher an der Erde tausend mannigfaltige Gräschen mir merkwürdig werden; wenn ich das Wimmeln der kleinen Welt zwischen Halmen, die unzähligen, unergründlichen Gestalten der Würmchen, der Mückchen näher an meinem Herzen fühle, und fühledie Gegenwart des Allmächtigen…