The Golden Rule of effective Communication: Relevant, Personal  & Concise

Sir Karl Raimund Popper,

“If you can’t say it simply and clearly, keep quiet, and keep working on it till you can.”

Sir Karl Raimund Popper

“It can’t be important if it doesn’t fit on one page.”

In the realm of handwritten communication, there exists a timeless principle: concise messages are more impactful. Even literary greats like Goethe recognized that crafting a short, concise letter often demands more time and effort than composing a lengthy one. It’s a testament to the value of getting straight to the point. When you rush to jot everything down quickly, your message tends to become unnecessarily long and loses its impact. Achieving brevity requires effort and brainpower, but it’s an endeavor that pays off because recipients appreciate clear and concise communication. This is the essence of distinguishing between quantity and quality.

The Tangible Power of Handwritten Letters

A handwritten letter is more than just words on paper; it engages our senses in ways that digital technology simply cannot replicate. These letters serve as physical reminders of the writer, with their thoughts permanently etched onto a tangible object. The significance of this personal touch cannot be overstated. Unlike printed letters, which are often skimmed and quickly forgotten, handwritten letters are read in their entirety. To make the most impact, ensure that your handwritten messages are always PCR: personal, concise, and relevant.

Crafting Memorable Handwritten Messages

To create a truly memorable handwritten letter, adhere to these four guiding principles: Be Truthful, Be Concise, Be Relevant, Be Clear. While brevity is enticing in the short term, crafting a compelling and “spicy” letter requires careful planning. Consider the order in which you lead the reader to the relevant content and the narrative tension you build. Every sentence should be scrutinized for its value to the recipient. This process takes time, especially for longer and more complex letters, but it’s a valuable investment.

In summary, the importance of crafting relevant, concise, and clear handwritten messages cannot be overstated. These messages transcend the fleeting nature of digital communication, leaving a lasting impact that lingers in the recipient’s memory. Whether you’re communicating personally or professionally, remember the age-old wisdom: “It can’t be important if it doesn’t fit on one page.” Take the time to make your handwritten message meaningful, and it will be appreciated and remembered.

Unlocking Successful Lead Generation with PENSAKI

In the realm of sales, successful lead generation has emerged as one of the most formidable challenges, exacerbated by the stringent regulations of GDPR. Yet, within this challenge lies a vast opportunity to achieve remarkable results. We echo the sentiments of Anand Sanwal, who boldly asserts that a staggering 93.9 percent of cold emails from sales professionals are ineffective and, moreover, infringe upon GDPR regulations. Crafting a compelling message presents a formidable obstacle for many in sales and marketing. However, this obstacle serves as a unique opportunity to distinguish your message from the competition and embark on a path to successful lead generation by adhering to key criteria.

Another substantial hurdle in the sales landscape is the scarcity of companies actively seeking expertise within your market. A mere three percent of your ideal customers are likely to make a purchase within the next 30-90 days, leaving the majority unprepared for engagement. This underscores the significance of establishing early connections, fostering a sense of familiarity, affinity, and trust in your company long before a pressing need arises.

Amid the shifting landscape of GDPR lead generation requirements, companies are compelled to rethink how they generate, convert, and retarget leads. It is crucial to acknowledge that cold emails to prospects no longer align with GDPR compliance standards. In this evolving context, PENSAKI emerges as a valuable contributor. Leveraging PENSAKI letters can yield impressive response rates ranging from 10 to 40 percent, signifying genuine appreciation from recipients. However, achieving these outcomes necessitates meticulous adherence to specific success factors, as blunt advertising messages, even when penned with a prestigious Montblanc© fountain pen, are unlikely to convert. Our most successful clients prioritize the careful preparation of their acquisition letters, guided by the following recommendations, positioning them for optimized success in the realm of lead generation.