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Do you want to engage with decision-makers by standing out positively from your competition?

Successful B2B Lead Generation: Standout or Standby

Email (only GDPR-compliant with double opt-in) ¹ : 1%
Print Direct Mail (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ¹: 5%
Pensaki-letters (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ²: 40%

Digital marketers are regularly surprised when they become familiar with the realities of direct mail ROI. Because when it comes to response rates the offline channel beats all digital channels by a landslide. This is especially true for PENSAKI campaigns in the context of B2B lead generation campaigns.

According to EU-GDPR, your (cold) direct marketing message constitutes an unreasonable nuisance. Therefore strict legal limitations must be considered. If the invitation is sent by email, consent with the double-opt-in is legally required. If the invitation is sent by direct mail, no prior consent is required.

While recipient opt-ins aren't compulsory in the case of direct mail, gaining legitimate interest is. If your company can prove your campaign is of legitimate interest to those you are targeting, the need for consent disappears. This is unlike email marketing, where consent is always required. Cold contact by email, WhatsApp, text messages are NEVER GDPR-compliant, whether for consumers or business.

Successful B2B Lead Generation with PENSAKI

Sales has not become easier in the digital world. In fact, B2B lead generation poses enormous challenges for 90% of all companies. Without establishing initial contact with decision-makers at a qualified (ideal) customer, all that remains is to hope for an inbound marketing miracle. B2B lead generation is a massive challenge, as proactively addressing ideal customers remains the only way to build a reliable sales pipeline.

When trying to reach decision-makers personally, without any prior personal contact, your sales team can demonstrate its real greatness as sending unsolicited email is NOT compliant with privacy laws. In addition, decision-makers are simply massively annoyed when you send the cold mails. As Anand Sanwal once said, 93.3 percent of all cold sales emails sucked:

As a result, exactly two communication channel remains available in the context of cold lead generation campaigns, phone calls, and B2B direct mail campaigns to generate B2B leads.

As a result, the office staff is very well trained to prevent unwanted telephone calls from sales and marketing people. That's why it usually takes between 4.5 and 8.2 call attempts to make the first call with a qualified prospect. This underlines why one of the most important elements of successful sales engagement is persistence.

Disturbing other people at work without being asked very rarely leads to positive results. Only employees without decision-making authority like to take the time to talk to sales staff. Those people anyhow have nothing relevant on their desk.  The result are worthless "zombie sales opportunities" in your sales pipeline that will waste further resources in sales.

The good news is: There is a great way to generate effectively B2B leads, without being a nuisance and without breaking any privacy laws. All you need to do is to focus on two things:  relevance and appreciation.

What happens if you make the first contact with a high-quality PENSAKI letter or an invitation to a webinar and then follow up on this basis by phone? Your sales pipeline will suddenly be filled with relevant sales opportunities. With PENSAKI, you too will achieve outstanding results, as long as you take the success factors for B2B lead generation campaigns into account.

PENSAKI Lead Generation Starter Kits

All PENSAKI lead generation starter kits are shipped to you in parcel, with open envelopes. Your lead generation letters and the addresses on the envelopes will be written in PENSAKI handwriting with a fountain pen. You can then conveniently add something else, for example, a flyer or your business card. In this way, you can keep the handwritten letters for customer acquisition personally relevant in terms of content. We usually ship all PENSAKI lead generation starter kits within 5 business days.

Starter Kit 450

You can immediately start this lead generation campaign to effectively address 250 decision-makers of your choice.

Notes with Envelopes

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Starter Kit 650

You can immediately start this lead generation campaign to effectively address 250 decision-makers of your choice.

Letters with Envelopes

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Starter Kit 1000

You can immediately start this lead generation campaign to effectively address 250 decision-makers of your choice.

Letters with Envelopes

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The most effective lead generation opportunities

Successful lead generation always begins with a relevant event with your targeted prospects. Each of these occasions requires a personal invitation. A personal invitation is always the first priority, whether it is a conference, trade fair, or webinar to generate B2B leads. Since only a fraction of your ideal customers is currently in a "buying mood", a high number of participants is required. Only about 3% of your ideal customers have NOW the need and the necessary budget to become your customers. With PENSAKI lead generation campaigns you can reach your ideal customers in a very effective way. Expressing appreciation distinguishes your invitation immediately from all the other invitations from your competitors.

Webinar Invitation

B2B lead generation with webinars is very effective if you succeed in winning decision-makers as participants. Thus, ideal customers can get a - non-binding - first impression of your service offer. This is where PENSAKI campaigns are ideal for giving your invitation more significance and addressing your target group professionally.

Direct Mail Campaign

Especially in the lead generation context, the biggest hurdle in the sales process is establishing the very first contact. The acquisition of new customers on the basis of professional and appreciative lead generation letters enables extraordinary results, especially in combination with a telephone follow-up.

Event Invitation

Bespoke invitations to a (relevant) event can be very effective to generate leads, i.e. enabling an initial contact with decision-makers at ideal customers. A professional, appreciative invitation immediately puts your event in a different light.