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Generate GDPR compliant leads with handwritten letters without breaking the law


100% GDPR compliant lead generation without opt-in consent.


Humans don't evaluate things, but their meaning.


Non-rational factors drive most of our decisions.

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Digital marketing doesn't provide any silver bullet.

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Seemingly irrational things can be extraordinarily potent if the power of cognitive biases is leveraged to surprise and delight humans. Especially in the EU-GDPR context, handwritten letters can generate significant response rates, if the key success factors have been taken into account.

Marketing has one simple mission, to either help to increase sales or to reduce costs. Therefore it is important to critically question: How does every lead generation campaign contribute to your sales pipeline? How many leads at ideal customers did you effectively generate? Nothing else matters... i.e. standout or accept to simply standby.

PENSAKI Campaigns To Win & Retain Customers

Driving Response Rates 40%
Driving Win-Back Rates 12%
Reducing Ecommerce Returns 33%

With PENSAKI campaigns you are able to leverage the power of surprise and delight at scale to create memorable brand experiences. Creating such experiences can set your brand apart from your peers. Creating experiences that engage, excite and entertain are making your business stand out. With PENSAKI you can give unanticipated perks to customers in order to renew interest, boost purchases and restore loyalty. That's why especially digital thought leaders already successfully leverage the power of our bespoke PENSAKI letters. PENSAKI is a European GDPR-compliant online service where you can order bespoke handwritten notes at scale to effectively generate new leads or to increase customer retention.

(Cold) Response Rates with handwritten notes

Email (only GDPR-compliant with double opt-in) ¹ : 1%
Print Direct Mail (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ¹: 5%
Pensaki-letters (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ²: 40%

Legally speaking, all business invitations are advertising. Therefore, sending an invitation (according to EU-GDPR) may also constitute an unreasonable nuisance. If the invitation is sent by email, consent with the double-opt-in is legally required beforehand. If the invitation is sent by direct mail, no prior consent is required. While recipient opt-ins aren't compulsory in the case of direct mail, gaining legitimate interest is. If your company can prove your campaign is of legitimate interest to those you are targeting, the need for consent disappears. This is unlike email marketing, where consent is always required. Cold contact by email, WhatsApp or SMS are not GDPR-compliant, whether for consumers or business. As a result, the DMA Response Rate Report 2018 demonstrate, high-quality offline mailings can make a very important value contribution.

Lead Generation

It is not only because of the EU-GDPR requirements that successful lead generation campaigns nowadays focus also on direct mail campaigns in order to engage with key decision makers at ideal customers. With inbound marketing alone, only a handful of companies are able to build a resilient sales pipeline.

"Upfront investment is proof of long-term commitment, which is a guarantor of honest behaviour."

Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense

Customer Retention

A focus on customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every long-lasting company. Every business relationship without an emotional level will be called into question when minor problems and price differences arise. Positive emotions are the key to lasting customer loyalty.

"...costly signalling theory, the fact that the meaning and significance attached to a something is in direct proportion to the expense with which it is communicated."

Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense

Seemingly irrational things can be extraordinarily potent.

For a lead generation to be successful, it must stand out from the crowd to be rewarded with attention. It is very helpful to consider that humans are multisensory beings. For this reason, high-quality finished direct mail is always more successful. If, for example, the haptic sense is stimulated, a letter is held longer in the hand and this increases the memory effect. In the case of direct mail campaigns, a high quality finish has a strong influence on opening and response rates. What all types of print refinings have in common is an increased attention span, a stronger memory value, an impression of value and perceived appreciation. Everyone wants to experience recognition and appreciation.  Successful companies, therefore, pay attention to the development of positive emotions, based on reliability, respect, flexibility and appreciation, when establishing stable customer relationships. High-quality personalized refinings plays an important role in this context, especially as digital communication is unable to provide  any relevant alternative.

Even if most people describe themselves as acting mostly rational. Reality tells something different. Humans are born irrational. Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky discovered “cognitive biases,” showing that that humans systematically make choices that defy clear logic. Successful companies, therefore, need to develop a strong understanding of irrational behavior. In this context, knowledge about cognitive biases is crucial, as it provides access to irrational behavior. The human subconscious automatically evaluates the creativity and perceived costs that the sender of a mailing has invested. Only a print refining usually falls short when it comes to standing out from your peers.

The highest level of print refinement is a handwritten letter, where every word is written with a real fountain pen and not only printed.  Outstanding results can be achieved, especially in our digital age, if the relevant success factors have been taken into account. Bespoke handwritten notes aren't the magic silver bullet for a mediocre story or product.

Pensaki Testimonials Michaela Seika

Michaela Seika


"Pensaki invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign. Lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

Erfahrungen mit Pensaki Referenz Timmy Hack

Timmy Hack

Hörgeräte Möckel

"We are completely satisfied with both the Pensaki order process and the results of the campaigns!"

Werbebriefe in Handschrift Pensaki Referenz Jakob

Jakob Becker


"Excellent service, the results are indistinguishable from a human handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Referenz Ipaxx

Shahin Pour


"We are a very satisfied customer for several years now. The quality of the cards is excellent and the online service is ideal for our VIP - CRM campaigns".

Achieving a 12 percent win-back rate with handwritten notes

12 %

Customer Win-Back

Source: Pensaki

6 %

Customer Win-Back

Source: Pensaki

-33 %

Return Rate Reduction

Quelle: New York Times

An understanding of irrational behavior is crucial.

Richard H. Thaler

Nobel laureate

"…small and apparently insignificant details can have major impacts on people’s behavior. A good rule of thumb is to assume that ‘everything matters."

Cognitive Biases Influence How We Think and Act. This knowledge is very important in the context of effective communication strategies, because it provides an access to irrational behavior. This includes, for example, that successful communication always takes place on several levels. In order for a message to be perceived as significant, it must convey a corresponding value. The subconscious automatically evaluates the creativity and perceived costs that the sender has invested.

If you receive a handwritten invitation, you automatically attach more importance to it than to only a printed one. Someone who has chosen this bespoke form of communication is very likely to also take care of all other aspects of an event or the business relationship itself.

The meaning and the importance attached to a thing is directly proportional to the effort with which it is communicated. This can be a letter delivered by a courier, a gift, high-quality stationery, beautiful stamps or a handwritten message. Creativity is of great importance.

In addition, situational influences have an important influence on attention and memory. Anyone who opens a letter takes their time. The fact that a handwritten letter is not cross-read also ensures a better memory. This increases the chances that such messages will receive a reaction - or at least make it into the follow-up folder.

It is unimportant who picked up the pen, even if a self-written message always remains the best alternative. 

Learn how our customers use Pensaki to build stronger relationships with their customers.

Our brain does not simply decode information, it always interprets its context and attributes meanings and feelings to it. A handwritten note can therefore convey much more than only words to the recipient, namely appreciation and trust. As a result, a handwritten message generates attention and curiosity.

Therefore, bespoke direct mail campaigns with a personal handwritten message always stand out.  If you express your appreciation in this way, you will almost always receive an answer or at least be remembered. Of course, nothing beats a self-written letter, but for all other cases, an authentic letter from Pensaki is an excellent alternative. The feeling of appreciation has a noticeable effect on human behavior, e.g. customers who have a good relationship with a brand buy twice as much as compared to customers without any emotional ties. In addition, they remain loyal to the brand longer.

☞ Why digital marketing thought leaders love bespoke offline CRM campaigns

There's no silver bullet.

In order for Pensaki campaigns to make a positive contribution to your lead generation or customer retention goals, it is imperative that the key success factors are taken into account. Even Pensaki is not a silver bullet, but if you consider the key success factors, your Pensaki CRM campaigns will generate important business results.

Rory Sutherland

Ogilvy Vice Chairman

"Small acts of discretionary generosity are regarded by customers as reasurring indicators of trustworthiness; we correspondingly see the absence of such signals as being a cause of concern."

Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense

" The referral is very likely as we also achieved a response rate of about 30% "

Christian D. (Mannheim) 🇩🇪

"top-notch quality and amazing experience! Our second order with Pensaki was also a complete success. The letter cards combined with a personal gift were very well received by our customers."

Marc Z. (Berlin) 🇩🇪

"very satisfied and as always everything went very well!"

Benedikt D. (München) 🇩🇪

" We were very satisfied with the result."

Ingo P. (Frankfurt) 🇩🇪

"We've had great feedback and a record number of visitors, thanks in large part to the Pensaki invitations."

Stephan Kreissler (Wien) 🇦🇹

"The processing was absolutely client-oriented and the result was extremely convincing."

Erik S. (Berlin) 🇩🇪

" We sent Pensaki handwritten invitations to several thousand decision-makers, and the response was great."

Anna Brunner (Graz) 🇦🇹

"We did not expect such a good response rate! Thank you very much!"

Eric L. (Neustadt) 🇩🇪

"We are very satisfied with the support and achieved response rate."

Lutz. K. (Dresden) 🇩🇪

"The response was very good and we have already been able to close a deal."

Tobias R. (Zürich)🇨🇭