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You can order our standard handwritten letters directly online. These letters are written for you completely with fountain pens, including the addressing of the envelopes. Obviously you can personalize all your PENSAKI handwritten letters. Simply configure and order online. We accept credit cards and PayPal as payment methods. These prices include stationery, German post stamps, and global mail delivery. We handover your letters within 3 business days to Deutsche Post Global Mail. Minimum quantity: from 5 letters.

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✓ Handwritten with pens

✓  All-inclusive pricing

✓ Global mail delivery

✓ Complete personalization

✓ Automated status updates

✓ Fast shipping

Lead generation and costly signalling theory

This handwritten letter is ideal for all those who want to write a fairly long message. The stationery and the envelopes are of high-quality and completely unbranded. Your message, the address and your sender's details on the back of the envelope will be written for you with a fountain pen. Every letter gets a German first class post stamp and will be mailed globally for you. You can completely personalize every handwritten letter with Pensaki, i.e. not only the salutation line. Smart content personalization is a very important success factor. If you consider these success factors, your campaign will be very successful. You can order this letter directly online. Within 3 working days the letter will be handed over to Deutsche Post for global mail delivery.

There is a very important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. There are also several levels of communication that have to be considered to generate success.  The recipients values also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that the sender has invested in his message. British marketing expert, Rory Sutherland speaks in this context about “costly signaling” (read more here).

Strong business results with handwritten notes

Pensaki customers achieve outstanding results with our handwritten letters, as long as the important key success factors have been taken into account. An extraordinary high open rate is generally speaking not enough for a successful CRM campaign. In order to drive response more things need to be considered. Read here to learn more about these key success factors.

Handwritten CRM mailings can provide noteworthy business results both in the B2B and B2C context. Driving customer retention campaigns with handwritten notes can make a huge difference when you want to convert satisfied customers to emotionally connected fans.

An emotional connection matters a lot more than only customer satisfaction. That's why great brands aim for customers' hearts, not their wallets. Making an investment in optimizing the on and offline end-to-end customer experience has become critical for all leading companies. Handwritten messages can make a huge difference here.


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Bespoke handwritten notes by PENSAKI in the news

"In fact, the handwriting conveys authenticity: if you look very closely, you can see the irregularly distributed ink, the minimal imprint of the fountain pen in the paper, the lines of letters that are not exactly parallel."

"The handwritten postcard promises attention - besides time, the most important resource in the media world."

"The Pensaki postcard is so unusual and so amazing, simply a great way to stand out from the daily media frenzy and to reach your audience effectively."

"A great company called Pensaki can create handwritten cards for you and send them directly. You don't have to worry about a thing, they'll do it all for you!"

Pensaki Ergebnisse Kampagnen Kundengewinnung

" a robot takes over the writing: with a clamped fountain pen or ballpoint pen handwritten lines are created, which do not show that a machine was at work."

"The Pensaki handwriting on the envelope seems so realistic that I never suspected for a moment that the letter could come from the ≫Uncanny Valley≪ of robots and avatars."

Made with ❤️ in Germany

Digital thought leaders love handwritten letters

Timmy Hack

"We are completely satisfied with both the Pensaki order process and the results of the handwritten letter campaigns!"

Shahin Pour


"We are a very satisfied customer for several years now. The quality of the cards is excellent and the online service is ideal for our VIP - CRM campaigns".

Jakob Becker

PaulCamper 🇩🇪

"Excellent service, the results are indistinguishable from a human handwritten card. We are a satisfied customer for several years already."

Michaela Seika

Oracle 🇩🇪

"Pensaki handwritten invitations generate a 40% lead conversion rate for our Oracle Eloqua campaign!"

Anna Brunner

"We've sent Pensaki handwritten invitations to several thousand European decision-makers and the response was great."

Stephan Kreissler

Forum Mediaplanung 🇦🇹

"We've achieved an attendance record largely due to the handwritten invitations from Pensaki."

Handwritten Deluxe Note with handwritten envelopes - order from Pensaki

Only writing by yourself is cooler!

A legible handwriting, high-quality stationery, envelopes and stamps, not to mention the need to find a letterbox, are not required with Pensaki. It's very simple, you type and we take care of the rest for you.

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