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Handwritten letters are a special way to communicate, and now there’s an easy way to send them from Germany with PENSAKI. Our service is perfect if you want authentic, beautifully written letters but don’t have the time to write them yourself. You can order these standard handwritten letters online, starting with just ten letters. Each letter is carefully written using a real fountain pen, including the address on the envelope. Then, they are sent out to your recipients through Deutsche Post Global Mail. Usually, it only takes three working days for the letters to be handed over to Deutsche Post.

We at PENSAKI make it simple to add a personal touch to your letters. With our mail merge function, you can customize each letter to make it more personal. The whole ordering process is easy. You can do it all online using your web browser and pay with a credit card or PayPal. The best part? The price you see includes everything – the stationery, the German post stamps, and the global mail delivery.

Our turnkey solution from Germany is a fantastic way to mail authentic handwritten letters. It’s almost as good as writing them yourself, but without the hassle. With PENSAKI, you get the charm and personal touch of a handwritten letter, combined with the convenience of modern technology.

Skyrocket Engagement with our Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters, especially those created by robots, are becoming a popular way to generate quality B2B leads. These letters allow you to write long messages with a personal touch. The stationery and envelopes used are high-quality and have no branding. This adds a level of elegance and professionalism to your message. Each letter is written with a fountain pen, giving it an authentic look and feel. Plus, every letter is stamped with a German first-class post stamp and mailed globally for you.

Personalizing each handwritten letter is crucial. With Pensaki, you can tailor every part of the letter, not just the salutation. This personalization is key to a successful campaign. Remember, business relationships often rely on an emotional connection. Without this, minor issues or price differences can lead to questioning the relationship.

Ordering these robot handwritten letters is easy and efficient. Within three business days, your letter is ready and handed over to Deutsche Post for worldwide delivery. It’s important to remember that communication is more than just sharing information. It involves different levels, including the creative aspect and the perceived effort put into the message.

British marketing expert Rory Sutherland talks about “costly signalling”. This concept means that when you invest time and effort into your communication, like with handwritten letters, it sends a strong signal to the recipient. They see that you value them and the relationship, which can be very effective in business communications.

However, it’s important to understand that just sending a handwritten letter is not enough to guarantee high response rates. The success of your campaign depends on several factors. While a handwritten letter can capture attention and create a positive first impression, the content of the letter must be relevant, engaging, and valuable to the recipient.

PENSAKI robot handwritten letters are a powerful tool in B2B lead generation. They offer a personal touch that is rare in today’s digital world. By combining the authenticity and elegance of a handwritten letter with a strong, personalized message, you can create an effective campaign. Just remember, the success of these letters depends on more than just their format. The overall strategy, message content, and understanding of your audience’s needs are all critical to achieving the desired response.

Achieve Amazing Results: Pensaki's Personal Touch


Handwritten letters from Pensaki help customers get amazing results. But it’s important to remember, just having a high open rate isn’t enough for a successful CRM campaign. There’s more to think about. You can read more about these key factors for success.

In both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) situations, handwritten CRM mailings can really boost your results. Using handwritten notes in customer retention campaigns makes a big difference. It’s about turning happy customers into fans who feel a strong emotional connection.

This emotional connection is much more important than just making customers satisfied. That’s why successful brands focus on winning customers’ hearts, not just their wallets. Today, improving the entire customer experience, both online and offline, is essential for top companies. Here’s where handwritten messages stand out. They add a personal touch that can transform the way customers feel about your brand.

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