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General information

PENSAKI brings a personal touch to your communication with state-of-the-art robot technology. We create handwritten letters and postcards for you, whereby each text is written by robots in human handwriting using fountain pens or ballpoint pens. You can easily order our standard letters (Briefe2GO = standard formats) online from a quantity of 10 pieces. For individual business formats, the order quantity starts at 250 pieces, and more information can be found here.

We focus on real, inked handwriting and do not create electronic lettering for printing. Our handwriting is from real people who provide us with their personal handwriting. With our reliable robots, we guarantee not only the highest quality when labeling your letters, but also the necessary scalability – even for print runs of 500,000 letters.

Ordering from PENSAKI is very straightforward and is done online, including the transmission of all addresses.

Standard handwritten letters  (from 10 pieces)
The minimum order quantity for our standard formats is 10 letters/cards. You can also order just one letter, but then at the price of the minimum quantity. Your shopping cart will calculate this automatically, depending on the quantity. This also applies to quantities above the minimum quantity.

PENSAKI Made-to-order handwritten letters incl. printing (from 250 pieces)
All individual formats can be ordered from 250 pieces, where we can offer you completely individualized formats in “handwriting”. 250 pieces refers to the quantity per order. There is a wide range of possible formats, text lengths and processing options. For continuous orders (once a week or once a month), the minimum quantity is 100 letters/cards/postcards per order.

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With the PENSAKI standard letters, you can get started right away with the respective format in the store. Simply click on “ORDER NOW”. For individual business customer solutions, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the access data for your order. To be able to save your designs, you must first register with PENSAKI.

You can create your PENSAKI campaign conveniently online. Once you open the online editor, you can start entering text straight away. Each format has its own online editor. This means that the number of lines and characters per line (including spaces) differs accordingly. PENSAKI transfers your content 1:1 as you enter it.

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At PENSAKI, we offer you a selection of free standard handwriting that every customer can use. For something really special, there is your personal VIP handwriting. This is particularly popular with CEOs, board members or brands who want to give their messages a very personal and unique touch. If you decide to use your own handwriting, it belongs only to you and is used exclusively for your messages. We also capture a signature that becomes part of your individual handwriting.

The creation of such a VIP handwriting is a one-off investment. After your approval, this handwriting, including signature, is available to you at any time at no additional cost. Please note that the programming of our handwriting has been specially developed for our system and is not compatible with other printing or writing processes. We look forward to embellishing your messages with your own personal handwriting!

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Yes – We are happy to enclose something with your handwritten letters. This is always a very good idea so that the handwritten text does not become an advertising text. You can then present all informative content on the insert accordingly. Otherwise, vouchers are of course always a great idea. Even personalized inserts are possible.

Autogrammkarten Signaturen-Roboter-Handschrift-Pensaki-min-min

Yes, with Pensaki you can also add your personal signature/signature to all handwritten letters and cards. This means that the texts are written with a standard handwriting or your individual VIP handwriting and additionally enhanced with a signature. Alternatively, we can also write your autograph cards for you. These options are available as part of our individual formats, i.e. from a minimum print run of 250 or 500 pieces. We would only ever record a “signature” here, which has no formal legal relevance.

Cold calling in the B2B sector: In a business context (B2B), it is indeed often permitted under the GDPR to contact companies without prior consent if a legitimate interest can be assumed. However, it must be carefully weighed up whether the company contacted has a presumed interest in the offer.

Opt-out procedure for postal mailings: In contrast to email newsletters, which require an opt-in procedure (prior consent), the opt-out principle often applies to postal mailings. This means that companies may send postal mailings as long as the recipients have not expressly objected. However, recipients must be given the opportunity to express their objection to further mailings.

Nein, bei PENSAKI beauftragt man einfach nur die gewünschte Stückzahl. Es gibt keine Vertragslaufzeiten.

Die Stückpreise unserer Standardformate  (ab 5 Stück) verstehen sich alle inklusive aktuell gültiger MwSt, Porto Deutsche Post, Briefpapier und Posteinlieferung.

Die Angebotspreise aller Individualformate (ab 250 Stück) verstehen sich immer EXKLUSIVE MwSt, Briefpapier und Versandkosten. Lieferungen an Unternehmer in anderen Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union (EU) – Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer erforderlich – sind grundsätzlich umsatzsteuerfrei im Herkunftsland und unterliegen im Bestimmungsland beim Empfänger der Lieferung der Erwerbsbesteuerung.

Yes, our API for handwritten letters is available for all standard formats. Simply log in and you will find your personal API key in the “My Pensaki” section under settings. All documents are automatically transferred to your shopping cart. There you can carry out any final checks and transfer the documents to production. We have several APIs that allow you to transfer all your Pensaki mailing data directly from your CRM, for example. In this way, you can develop your own scripts and applications based on our system.

In addition to our standard API, we offer further system integrations for all individual formats for ongoing projects so that the transfer can be carried out seamlessly from the CRM.

API documentation

No, the Pensaki handwritten fonts are not certified as machine-readable by Deutsche Post AG, because we write the letters and do not print them. We do not use fonts. Machine-readable fonts (FONTS) are fonts. This means that “sans serif fonts generally have good machine readability, such as the following standard fonts: Arial, Frutiger, Helvetica, Univers.” These fonts have been certified as machine-readable by Deutsche Post AG.

The topic is relevant in the context of DIALOGPOST consignments. For DIALOGPOST items to be suitable for machine processing, they must be fully automation-capable. The use of certified fonts guarantees this.

DIALOGPOST items that are not suitable for automation (e.g. in “handwriting”) can also be sent. In this case, however, the “non-automation-capable” surcharge will be levied. This amounts to € 0.05 per item (as of 03/2020).

Of course NOT. We don’t offer anything like that, because “handwritten elements” as printed matter contradict all the important psychological principles that have a decisive influence on the success of “handwriting”. Printed handwriting would not be an expression of appreciation, as no value is ascribed to such a message. Without the physical imprint of the fountain pen or pencil, without the ink …. what is cheap also looks cheap. Without appreciation, there is no attention.

Texts, words and characters

Yes, at PENSAKI you can customize each of your handwritten messages. In addition to the personal salutation, you can use our {{segments}} to customize even more parts of your message according to your wishes. This allows you to personalize entire lines. Customizing salutations and addresses is very easy and is done automatically when you import your data and enter your text in the letter editor. You can also use the text modules to personalize other parts of the text or the sender details on the envelopes. Don’t worry, however extensive your personalization is, it won’t affect the cost of labeling or processing your messages.

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An A4 sheet of paper offers space for up to 1,400 characters (including spaces and punctuation marks) if you write with a fountain pen. It is important to be brief: Short, personal messages are often better received than long advertising texts. If you don’t captivate your readers right from the start, even the best paper won’t help.

You can find more information on this under: “PENSAKI letters in handwriting: short texts are more successful!” Please note that handwritten texts are read differently to printed texts – they stimulate different areas of the brain and are therefore better remembered. You should therefore avoid overwhelming the reader with texts that are too long. Short and concise is the recipe for success here.

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How long are 5 sentences? That depends on how long the words are. In scientific texts, sentences are usually 25 to 29 words long. In novels, they tend to be 15 to 20 words long. A word has an average of 7 characters, if you count spaces and punctuation marks. According to the Duden dictionary, a word has an average of 10.6 letters. In German, a word has about 6.53 characters.

This means that if a sentence has 15 words, that’s about 525 characters (including spaces).

Yes, you can mix different texts in one order. For example, you could have 250 different texts in one order. Changing the texts costs nothing extra. You simply add different versions of the letter to the shopping cart – for example with “Du” or “Sie” or in different languages. This works for all types of text.

You can also customize parts of the text to make it more personal. For example, each letter could contain a different date of birth. Or the senders of the letters could be different depending on the recipient. There are many possibilities.

Personalization with {{segements}}

For envelopes you can use up to 5 lines for the address, and each line can have up to 45 characters (including spaces). This is all written by hand using a machine. If you also want to specify the sender, you have two lines for this. Each line can contain up to 50 characters, including spaces.

For postcards that are to be addressed, you can also use up to 5 lines. However, each line can only be up to 30 characters long, including spaces.

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