With PENSAKI, you always have full control over all texts and addresses at all times. All letters can be conveniently personalized. Our online service works like a classic mail merge. You first work on your general message and then import the names and addresses with the provided PENSAKI  XLS template. PENSAKI then automatically replaces these placeholders with the imported data and creates personalized letters for you. The process works easily with 5 and also 50,000 letters.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to write truly personal messages. Personal texts are able to create an emotional connection and show that the sender really cares about the recipient. Personalization and relevance increase the likelihood of a response, as people are more likely to respond to personal concerns. Generic ad copy, on the other hand, feels impersonal and doesn’t spark interest or engagement from the recipient, greatly reducing the chances of a response, even in handwriting.

With Pensaki, you can write beautiful handwritten letters at any time and send them directly to your recipients worldwide within three working days. The shipment is made by Deutsche Post Global Mail and of course with real stamps from Germany. Each letter will be written with real fountain pens for you. Of course, you can personalize all letters. Our standard formats can be ordered immediately and are only waiting for your texts and the addresses of the recipients you are writing to.

PENSAKI is an online service, i.e. all orders are conveniently transmitted online, including the personalization of all letters. In this way, you have complete control over all contents of your CRM campaign at all times. We write your content, line by line, just as you transfer it. Therefore, please make sure to use the preview function for control. You will be informed about all processing steps by e-mail.


Conveniently personalize entire text lines with {{segment1}}

With all PENSAKI standard letters, you can start entering text immediately.

For all INDIVIDUAL FORMATS (from 250 pieces), you will receive an onboarding email with all the access data for your order, based on the project requirement agreed upon in advance. Each of the over 500 formats has an individual online editor. I.e. the number of lines and characters per line (including spaces) differ.

The text input always starts with the 2nd line in your text. The 1st line with the personal salutation you transfer later together with the postal addresses within the import.

In the editor, you can save your texts as drafts by clicking on “CONTINUE” below the text input. For this, all text lines must be filled. In addition, you can then also save your text as a text template. You can still change all texts at any time before the job is transferred. Thus, a first text draft is sufficient for the start.



Alle Anreden und Adressen importieren Sie bequem mit der Pensaki-Importvorlage.

You can easily import all salutations and addresses using the Pensaki import template.

You will receive your import template automatically after you save your text draft. Then simply click on “Download 1st template” above the table and save this file (without umlauts or special characters).

For the preparation of your data before the import, basic skills in using spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc, or Apple Numbers are mandatory. Below we provide you with all the helpful formulas for this so that you too can easily transfer your data to the required import template.

read more: PENSAKI data import


preview content of your mailing

The most beautiful letter in handwriting is of little use if there are unnecessary spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the text. If addresses are incorrect or incomplete the letters might never arrive at their destination.

Spelling errors can negatively affect the psychological power of handwritten letters.

So it makes a lot of sense to check all letters, at least randomly, for such errors. Therefore, with PENSAKI you can also download all letters in advance as a PDF for checking before ordering. This preview is therefore solely for checking the content.

Our hardworking robots will write all your content without making any corrections. So, be smart and ensure error-free letters.


4. Schritt PENSAKI Bestellung

Do not transfer your letters to the shopping cart until you have performed a complete content check (see Preview). You can also conveniently collect different text versions and languages in the shopping cart. Nothing gets lost here. You can also interrupt the work and then complete the order later.

1. Activate coupon code *
2. Click “Proceed to checkout
3. Enter Billing address
4. Select payment method
5. Complete order

Read more: payment types

* Activate Coupon Code

For all tailor-made handwritten formats (from 250 pieces) you will receive a personal coupon code, based on the agreed-upon project scope. You activate the code in your shopping cart. This activates the agreed project scope, incl. the commercial conditions. Without this code, your order cannot be processed. In this case, your order will simply be canceled, so that you can then transfer it again.


All standard formats (from 5 pieces) are produced on the basis of the currently valid standard layout. The PDF samples provided on each product page serve as orientation. A separate release sample is not created. For individual formats (from 250 pieces) it is possible to create individual layouts. Therefore, a corresponding approval sample is provided by e-mail before production. After your approval, production starts.

Example: Approval sample A6 postcards

Standardlayout Postkarten DIN A6 350

For business customer formats, the layout is coordinated with the customer in advance. The approval sample is usually created within 24 hours of the order data being transferred and sent by e-mail for approval, provided that all the ingredients required for the order have been delivered in the meantime (postcards, stationery, inserts, etc.).

The term “approval sample” refers to:
1. the handwriting used,
2. fountain pen or ballpoint pen, etc.,
3. positioning text
4. line spacing and paragraphs
5. alignment of handwriting

THE PRE-PRODUCTION APPROVAL SAMPLE DOES NOT REFER TO THE CONTENT. All content can be previewed at any time. PENSAKI writes 1:1 what you have transmitted, without corrections.