Beautiful Robot Handwritten Letters For Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Robot handwritten letters can a very successful means of communication if the important success factors are taken into account. A blunt marketing message remains blunt even in handwriting. From 250 letters upwards, we can provide you completely individualized handwritten notes and letters. There is a variety of formats, text lengths and processing options. Alternatively, our standard handwritten letters are immediately available, from 5 letters upwards. Customer acquisition or customer retention campaigns with handwritten notes are very successful. Response rates between 10 and 40 percent can be achieved.

Response Rate 40%
Win-Back of Lapsed Customers 12%
Reduce eCommerce Return Rate 33%

Why are PENSAKI campaigns so successful? Value Matters.


We do not evaluate things, but their meaning.


Irrational factors influence all human decisions.

Generate GDPR compliant leads with handwritten letters without breaking the law

EU-GDPR Compliant

100% GDPR-compliant without prior opt-in consent.

Direct Mail Response Rates Compared: Standout or Standby.

Legally speaking, all business invitations are advertising. Therefore, sending an invitation (according to EU-GDPR) may also constitute an unreasonable nuisance. If the invitation is sent by email, consent with the double-opt-in is legally required beforehand. If the invitation is sent by direct mail, no prior consent is required. While recipient opt-ins aren't compulsory in the case of direct mail, gaining legitimate interest is. If your company can prove your campaign is of legitimate interest to those you are targeting, the need for consent disappears. This is unlike email marketing, where consent is always required. Cold contact by email, WhatsApp or SMS are not GDPR-compliant, whether for consumers or business. As a result, the DMA Response Rate Report 2018 demonstrate, high-quality offline mailings can make a very important value contribution.

Email (only GDPR-compliant with double opt-in) ¹ : 1%
Print Direct Mail (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ¹: 5%
Pensaki-letters (GDPR-compliant without opt-out) ²: 40%

Robot handwritten letters generate outstanding business results

Pensaki customers achieve outstanding results with our handwritten letters, as long as the important key success factors have been taken into account. An extraordinary high open rate is generally speaking not enough for a successful CRM campaign. In order to drive response more things need to be considered. Read here to learn more about these key success factors.

Handwritten CRM mailings can provide noteworthy business results both in the B2B and B2C context. Driving customer retention campaigns with handwritten notes can make a huge difference when you want to convert satisfied customers to emotionally connected fans.

An emotional connection matters a lot more than only customer satisfaction. That's why great brands aim for customers' hearts, not their wallets. Making an investment in optimizing the on and offline end-to-end customer experience has become critical for all leading companies. Handwritten messages can make a huge difference here.

"Small acts of discretionary generosity are regarded by customers as reassuring indicators of trustworthiness; we correspondingly see the absence of such signals as being a cause of concern."

Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy)

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