PENSAKI is compatible with FIREFOX, CHROME & SAFARI (latest versions).

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How do I import addresses into PENSAKI?

After inserting your text template you can easily import the associated address data as well as the personal salutation lines and special segments to personalize your messages. This requires using the provided PENSAKI standard templates. You can download the import template directly in the editor. The data import can take up to 10 minutes depending on the number of data sets. You will receive an e-mail including instructions on how to proceed as soon as the data import is complete.

Hinweise zum Import von Anreden und Anschriften・ PENSAKI

What kind of data can be imported?

⓵ Standard: Salutations and addresses.

1. Step: Save Your Message

Pensaki Datennimport Texteingabe

After you open the online editor you can start entering text directly. Each format has its own online editor. This means that the number of lines and characters per line (including spaces) differs accordingly. PENSAKI transfers your content 1:1 as you enter it. The personalisation of the salutation is a standard function and takes place in the next step, during the data import. You can personalise all messages with additional text modules. You can find more information on this here.

2. Step: Download PENSAKI XLS-Template

Pensaki Datennimport Vorlage laden-small

After inserting your text you will be able to download the PENSAKI import template. Based on that template you can easily import all salutations and addresses. Simply click on "Download template" above the table and save this file.

3. Step: Open the PENSAKI XLS-Template

Datenimport PENSAKI XLS-Vorlage herunterladen

Using the provided PENSAKI XLS import template is mandatory to import your data into PENSAKI. There is a maximum number of characters including spaces per field. Overlength fields are automatically truncated and shown as errors. In the table, both the data for the postal addresses and the salutations in the text or other segments for personalisation are imported.

- Pensaki Standard Format -Column A: Marina & CoColumn B: Marina CalleColumn C: Calle de Alcalá, 128Column D: 28009Column E: MadridColumn F: Spain– – –Column G: Dear Marina,

Columns: A to F: used for addressingColumns: G: used for salutation lineColumns: H-K: used for personalization segments (optional)

Advanced Excel skills are required to transfer your CRM data to the PENSAKI import templates.

4. Step: Prepare and transfer your CRM data

Pensaki Datennimport Transformation XLS Tipps
  • Transmit data FORMAT-FREE as TEXT.
  • Note the number of characters per field.
  • Only selected special characters are allowed.
  • File name without umlauts or special characters.

It's important to consider a few requirements for the data before you start the import process. Field lengths vary and in addition, not all characters are accepted. The maximum line length is defined by the number of characters per line, including spaces. Not all special characters are accepted. Invalid characters are classified as errors. Non-printable characters are classified as errors. Transfer your data without formatting/style data (“paste values”).

Here you will find helpful Excel formulas to easily prepare your data.

When you concatenate cells in Excel, you combine the contents of those cells. This method is often used to combine a few pieces of text that reside in different cells. With the Excel function CONCATENATE, text elements can be linked easily.

Field A3: "Dear"Field B3: "John"Field C3: ","Formel: = CONCATENATE(A3;" ";B3;C3)Result: "Dear John,"

Sample XLS File: pensaki-xls-tutorial-concatenate-sample-pensaki.xlsx

With the TEXT function of Microsoft Excel© this is easily possible. The TEXT function converts numbers to text. Here is the formula: =TEXT(C1; “TT.MM”) – at the end simply copy the results and with “Paste as” … copy “Values” into the import template. Alternative formulas are accordingly: =TEXT(C1; “TT.M”) or =TEXT(C1; “TT.MMMMMMMMMM”)

Download sample: pensaki-xls-tutorial-convert-date-to-text-strings-sample-pensaki.xlsx

With the Excel PROPER function, the spelling of a name or word can be converted into upper case and lower case letters. The first letter of each word is written in upper case and the rest in lower case. Numbers and punctuation are not affected. This function is ideal for putting personal names into the correct form.Here you learn how to convert a text string to the proper case in Excel. This means that the first letter in each word in uppercase, and all other letters in lowercase.

Before: JOHN DOEAfter: John Doe

Download sample file: pensaki-xls-tutorial-Lower-Upper-proper-case-pensaki-sample.xlsx

LEN is a useful when you want to count how many characters there are in some text. Numbers and dates will also return a length.

XLS-Beispiel herunterladen: pensaki-xls-beispiel-tricks-tipps-Zeichenanzahl-bestimmen.xlsx

You may not always be able to control the format and data type, especially if you copy & paste it from external data sources such as databases, a text file, or a web page. Please make sure that you clean your data before importing it.The Excel CLEAN function takes a text string and returns text that has been “cleaned” of line breaks and other non-printable characters.Syntax: CLEAN(text)Formula: Formula: =CLEAN(A28)Result: Removes the nonprintable characters from the text string in cell A28.・CLEAN removes line breaks・CLEAN removes leading and trailing spaces from text

Download sample: pensaki-xls-tutorial-clean-trim-sample-pensaki.xlsx

The TRIM function returns a text value with the leading and trailing spaces removed. You can also use the TRIM function to remove unnecessary spaces between words in a string.Syntax: TRIM(text)Formula: Formula: =TRIM(A28)Result: Removes unnecessary spaces between words in a string in cell A28.

Download sample: pensaki-xls-tutorial-clean-trim-sample-pensaki.xlsx
Learn more: Top ten ways to clean your data - Excel

5. Step: Start Import

PENSAKI Datenimport starten

Once your data import is complete, you will receive an email with the result of the analysis. This can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of your data. Please follow the instructions to correct your errors comfortably. Please check your registered email regularly for status updates!

PENSAKI Datenimport E-Mail Bericht

Your file "8123438.xlsx" has been imported with the following result:Total: 1.401Errors: 12

6. Step: Correct incorrect data

All data errors must be corrected in order for the order to be completed. Any deviation from the data quality requirements listed above will automatically result in an error.

PENSAKI Datenimport E-Mail Übersicht

With PENSAKI there are two ways to correct errors.

PENSAKI Datenimport Fehlerkorrektur

Directly within the table.

Incorrect data records are marked in red. Simply click, correct/shorten and save. Done!

PENSAKI Datenimport Fehlerkorrektur XL

Export erroneous data & import corrected data

Incorrect data sets can be easily exported so that you can then import them again after correcting them. This automatically corrects the errors.

7.Step: Final check with preview function

PENSAKI Datenimport inhaltliche Vorschau
PENSAKI Personalisierung mit Segmenten

Please check all content carefully, because PENSAKI writes your content without corrections. This means that the robots write your content including all errors. During the manual final check, the worst errors can be sorted out, but then production has already taken place.

With the preview function, you can check the content of your mailing completely or on a random basis. The preview is used exclusively for checking the content. WE WRITE WHAT YOU TRANSMIT.

OPTIONAL: Advanced Personalisations with {{segments}}

PENSAKI Personalisierung mit Segmenten

OPTIONAL: Advanced Personalisations within the message

With Pensaki you can fully personalise each message. In addition to the salutation, you can personalise further content with {{segments}}. It is also possible to personalise entire lines.

Line 1: SALUTATION WILL BE IMPORTED WITH ADDRESSESLine 2: ich hoffe, diese Karte erreicht Sie im wunderschönenLine 3: {{segment1}} und erfreut Sie.Line 4: Manchmal sind es die kleinsten Dinge, welche den meistenLine 5: Platz in unseren Herzen einnehmen.Line 6: {{segment2}}Line 7: Ps: Ich freue mich auf Ihren Anruf!

⇥ {{segment1}} = max. 41 characters (58 – 17 = 41)⇥ {segment2}} = max. 58 characters

The Denomination of the SEGMENTS in the editor and in the XLS import file must be IDENTICAL, e.g. {{segment1}} in the text and "segment1" in the column designation (BUT WITHOUT the brackets).

PENSAKI Personalisierung mit Segmenten

OPTIONAL: Advanced Personalisations (Envelopes)

Sender Credentials Line 1: {{Sender1}}Sender Credentials Line 2: {{Sender2}}