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making every card a heart-fluttering surprise for your customers.

PENSAKI offers a unique service where you can get personalized, handwritten inserts, starting from just 250 cards. Here’s how it works:

1. Your print Design: First, design your card and create a PDF of the design for both sides. Send us this PDF when you place your order. We’ll provide you with a design template to help guide your creation process.
2. Handwritten messages: Our robots, equipped with real fountain pens, will then handwrite messages on your cards. You have the flexibility to use different text versions or even fully personalize each card in a single order. Multilingual? No problem! You can include various language versions too. The robots write in a style that closely mimics human handwriting, adding a personal touch. Simply check the pdf sample to verify our quality.
3. Quality Control: After the writing is complete, we conduct random checks to ensure the highest quality before the cards are dispatched.

In short, with PENSAKI, you get the convenience of automated handwriting with the personal touch of custom designs and messages, all in your chosen language.  Leave the heavy lifting to us! While you focus on your next big move, we’ll meticulously handle your order, infusing each card with exceptional quality and care. Our goal? To make every card a heart-fluttering surprise for your customers. Sit back, relax, and watch as we craft experiences that quicken pulses and brighten days! 🌟✨

Tailor-made quotes

At PENSAKI you can choose from over 500 tailor-made handwritten formats. Because our product range is so diverse, we do not have a fixed price list. The prices per piece shown here are only a rough guide. Depending on the desired text quantity and the number of handwritten inserts, the unit costs may be higher. Simply request a quote so that we can make you a customized offer.


Our exclusive turnkey-solution for you: Handwritten inserts to make your customer experience unforgettable. You design your cards and we take care of the rest. That’s already possible with 250 cards – tailored to your needs. But even 250,000 handwritten inserts aren’t a problem. While placing your order, you will receive a customized PDF design template for both sides of the format. Once you transfer your print data to us, the printing takes about 3-5 business days before we can begin the handwritten job.

We print in Germany
Types: Cards (2 pages) or folded (4 pages)
Formats: DIN A6 (148 x 105 mm), DIN Lang (210 x 105), etc.
Paper weight: 280 gsm, 300 gsm, 450 gsm
Paper qualities: Recycled cardboard, offset cardboard, kraft paper
Print: 4/4 CMYK

As a rule, it takes 5-7 working days to dispatch after you have approved the handwritten production proof. We ship all parcels with UPS Carbon Neutral. Pallet shipping with a forwarding agent is also possible. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us as soon as your order has been dispatched.

Handwritten inserts for a perfect customer experience

handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®

Climate neutralcard printing

handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


Are you already using handwritten thank you cards in your parcels and delighted with your customers’ positive responses? Have you noticed how these “little gifts” make customers happy and lead to more positive reviews? Have you also seen a decrease in the number of returns? Indeed, this small gesture is more than just words on paper. However, the more cards you want to include, the more challenging it becomes to provide one for each customer, as writing them is time-consuming and prone to errors. Sometimes, you may have to send parcels without these cards.

You’re in the right place with PENSAKI! We can write on your cards and deliver them to you within 5-7 working days. You can even mix different text versions or languages in a single order. Our efficient robots will handle the writing, using either fountain pens or ballpoint pens, ensuring that each of your customers receives a high-quality thank you card in their package from now on. You can customize the card’s design by sending us the relevant PDF data with your order. We’ll handle everything else.

Handwritten Inserts for more customer reviews

Handwritten inserts represent an increasingly popular and effective strategy for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. In an age dominated by digital communication and automation, the use of handwritten inserts in parcels serves as a refreshing and personalized approach that stands out to customers. This strategy taps into several psychological and marketing principles, making it a potent tool for businesses to cultivate a more personal relationship with their customers.

One of the primary benefits of handwritten inserts is the creation of a personalized and memorable customer experience. Receiving a package with a personalized note makes the customer feel valued and appreciated, a sentiment that often translates into a stronger emotional connection with the brand. This emotional connection is a key driver in customer loyalty. Loyal customers are not only more likely to make repeat purchases but also become brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences with others and driving word-of-mouth marketing, which is highly effective and cost-efficient.

In terms of customer reviews, a personalized touch can be a powerful motivator. Customers who feel a personal connection or receive an unexpected gesture of appreciation are more inclined to share their positive experiences online. In today’s digital age, where consumers often rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions, an increase in positive reviews can significantly boost a brand’s reputation and credibility, leading to increased sales and customer base.

Handwritten inserts can significantly enhance the unboxing experience. The unboxing moment is crucial, particularly in e-commerce, where the physical interaction with the brand is limited. A memorable unboxing experience, marked by a personal touch, can leave a lasting impression on the customer, positively influencing their perception of the product and brand. This improved perception is not just about the emotional response but also about perceived value. When customers perceive a higher value in their purchase, they are less likely to return it. Thus, handwritten inserts can indirectly contribute to a decrease in return rates, which is a significant advantage for businesses both in terms of cost savings and customer satisfaction.

In crowded marketplaces, differentiation is key. Handwritten inserts offer a simple yet effective way to differentiate a brand from its lame competitors. This differentiation is not just in the physical product but in the overall customer experience. It positions the brand as one that goes the extra mile for its customers, reinforcing brand identity and values.

Putting a handwritten thank you card into a shipment is a strategic move for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. It’s an approach that leverages the human touch in an increasingly impersonal digital world. By making customers feel special and valued, these notes foster stronger emotional connections, encourage positive reviews, enhance the unboxing experience, and can even reduce the rate of product returns. Additionally, they offer a unique way for brands to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. The cumulative effect of these factors is a stronger brand-customer relationship, which is crucial for long-term business success.

Handwritten Package Inserts Make You Stand Out

The unboxing experience has evolved from merely opening a parcel to becoming a powerful e-commerce marketing tool that creates an emotional bond with customers. For e-commerce companies, shipped packages are the most direct physical touchpoint with their customers. Including a handwritten package insert can forge a significant emotional connection. Consequently, this approach has emerged as one of the most underutilized marketing opportunities in enhancing the overall user experience. Online retailers have limited physical interactions with their customers, making it crucial to leverage the impact of handwritten package inserts.

Handwritten parcel inserts can boost customer loyalty and revenue. The most personalized insert for customer packages is a handwritten thank-you notes. This simple, thoughtful gesture can significantly contribute to building customer loyalty. Packaging inserts, added before shipping to customers, like a handwritten THANK YOU note, have the potential to create an exceptional customer experience.

A significant opportunity exists to stand out, bearing in mind an often-overlooked fact: Communication is more than just information. The recipients of your handwritten package inserts also appreciate the creativity and perceived effort (“costly signaling”) that you invested.

By including handwritten thank-you notes as package inserts, you can make your unboxing experience truly unforgettable.

Your competition also keeps itself up to date.

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Handwritten Inserts for More Reviews