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Handwritten notes drive customer retention

handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®

Climate neutralcard printing

handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI


handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


PENSAKI® Made-to-order: Your Marketing Power Package

With PENSAKI® MADE TO ORDER, we’re offering you the chance to send completely personalized handwritten letters that also include elements in robot handwriting. You can start with as few as 250 letters per order. What sets PENSAKI® apart is our ability to personalize all handwritten letterrs as a standard feature. But with MADE TO ORDER, we take it a step further, allowing you to personalize the paper, design, and special processing to suit your unique preferences. You not only get to choose the format you want for your handwritten message but also the amount of text and the individual design of the printed elements on stationery, cards, or postcards. PENSAKI® MADE TO ORDER lets you create a mailing campaign that’s tailor-made to your needs. We take care of printing the materials before our robots add the handwritten touch. We even provide a PDF design template for your graphic designers to ensure the design matches your vision. That’s the essence of PENSAKI® MADE TO ORDER. Before the robots start writing, we’ll give you a proof copy to ensure there are no misunderstandings or surprises throughout the process. Your success is our priority.

But there’s more to PENSAKI® MADE TO ORDER. We offer secure and fast delivery via UPS Carbon Neutral. Plus, for larger quantities, we can arrange pallet shipping without a hitch. This flexibility in the shipping process is all part of our commitment to providing you with a personalized service. 😊

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Leveraging the psychological power of handwritten letters and handwritten notes, with the help of PENSAKI and its robots can be a great way to communicate, but it's essential to do it right for it to work well. Just making a marketing message look handwritten won't make it better. We can create entirely personalized handwritten notes and letters for you, starting from 250 letters. We offer different formats, text lengths, and ways to make them unique. If you need a smaller quantity, we also have pre-made handwritten letters starting from just 5 letters. Using handwritten letters for getting new customers or keeping existing ones can be very effective. You can expect response rates between 10% and 40%, which is pretty good.

Response Rate 40%
Win-Back of Lapsed Customers 12%
Reduce eCommerce Return Rate 33%

Robot handwritten letters generate outstanding business results

Pensaki's handwritten letters can bring great results for our customers when we pay attention to some important factors. Just having a lot of people open our letters is not enough for a successful CRM campaign. To get a better response, we need to think about other things as well. You can read more about these important factors here.Handwritten letters in CRM campaigns  can give businesses great results in both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) situations. When you want to keep your customers and turn them into loyal fans, sending handwritten notes can make a big difference.Having a strong emotional connection with customers is more important than just making them satisfied. That's why top-notch brands focus on winning their customers' hearts, not just their money. These days, it's crucial for all leading companies to invest in improving the whole customer experience, both online and offline. Handwritten messages can play a significant role in making this difference.

"Small acts of discretionary generosity are regarded by customers as reassuring indicators of trustworthiness; we correspondingly see the absence of such signals as being a cause of concern."

Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy)

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