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More than numbers: The role of behavioral economics in marketing

Lead Generation Formula To Avoid Zombies In Your Pipeline

So, the biggest challenge in lead generation? It’s getting there to the decision-makers, as if looking for a needle in a haystack. Such people require pure gold messages; they have to be sharp, concise, and snappy. What about others who can’t call the shots? They are partying at events, but they are not your bull’s eye target for getting high-quality leads. Trying to pull qualified leads off those time-wasters without the power to make a decision? Well, that’s just going to fill your sales pipeline with a bunch of zombies, lurking at a mere 30%.

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Write Your Way to Sales Success: Postcards that Pack a Punch!

Handwritten postcards and letters that are to be sent as a part of the lead generation tool are powerful strategies in today's digital world. Ultimately, it is moving around the GDPR regulations. It becomes tangible and easily remembered engagement touchpoint, while at the same time drawing on the humankind's craving for personal contact and authenticity. Personalization when mixed with excellent quality in design can create a keepsake that stands out not just on its surface but also in the heart. This school of old, therefore, emigrates not just as a compliance-friendly alternative but as a standout strategy in a market dominated by the digital.

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Retention Strategies For More Repeat Business

Consider a hidden shoe store leveraging both modern and classic methods to boost customer loyalty. The key lies in effective use of newsletters and personalized communication. While innovative online marketing draws initial purchases, it’s only the repeat business that transforms one-time purchases to organic growth.

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