Handwritten Notes To Boost Your Response Rates

The handwriting is done with robots so that quality does not become random

Harnessing the Marketing Power of Handwritten Notes

In a world where digital technologies dominate our communication, it can be difficult to establish and maintain a personal connection with customers. A smart way to do this is through sending handwritten notes.

Firstly, handwritten notes offer a personal touch that cannot be replicated by digital messages. By taking the time and effort to write out a message by hand, you show your customers that they are important to you and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make a connection. This personalization helps to create a positive impression and can lead to stronger customer loyalty.

Furthermore, handwritten notes are also unique and memorable. When customers receive a handwritten card, they are more likely to remember it and keep it. Digital messages can easily get lost or forgotten, but a handwritten card stays in the memory and can maintain positive associations with your business for years to come.

A handwritten card can also serve as a form of appreciation. When customers make a purchase or place an order, you can send a card as a way to say thank you. This gesture is highly appreciated by customers and can help to strengthen your business’s positive image.

Moreover, sending handwritten notes can also serve as a form of customer retention. For example, you can send customers a card on their birthday or for other special occasions to express your appreciation and strengthen the connection. This can help to build trust in your business and establish a long-term relationship.

Overall, handwritten notes are a very smart idea if you want to attract and retain customers. Through the personalization, memorability, and appreciation that they express, they can help to establish a strong customer relationship.

The Lost Art of Handwritten Notes: Boosting Sales with Personal Touch

« Impressive result! The postcard mailing achieved a much higher response rate than any other mailing before. Numerous customers contacted me and were thrilled to receive a handwritten” postcard.»

Andreas, Frankfurt - 06.09.2022 🇩🇪

«I am convinced of the quality and service. We were able to save a lot of manual time for this and will use the service again and again. Value for money, professionalism, and quality.»

Lukas, Trier - 24.01.2022 🇩🇪

« Wonderful! Brilliant service, super results! If only all service providers would operate like this. And the handwritten letters are simply of top quality! Thank you very much!»

Katja L., Berlin. - 23.12.2021 🇩🇪

« Great customer service! My questions were quickly answered by customer support by mail. Thank you for the friendly service at all times! »

Ina, Hamburg - 19.10.2022 🇩🇪

« Satisfied all around! Fast and friendly response to all kinds of requests; they try to make every request as possible for the customer – thanks for that and keep it up! »

Lina W. - 16.03.2021 🇦🇹

« Amazing – Thanks for the supreme support and product. Handwritten postcard mailings with PENSAKI are simply outstanding. »

Jan S. - 19.03.2021 🇩🇪

« Reliable, friendly, and highly competent lead generation experts… very easy ordering process and the obtained sales results exceeded our expectations. »

Jeannette, Art Director - 07.10.2021 🇩🇪

« Worked perfectly! Configured online without problems and 2 business days later the letters were already delivered. »

Florian - 04.01.2021 🇩🇪

« Easier and faster than I expected! I was worried at first that PENSAKI would not be feasible for my 1,000 personalized handwritten cards. But it was very easy, support was always available and quick, so I’m happy all around.  »

Tabea S. - 08.04.2021 🇩🇪

« Great service, great results! Thanks for the great handling of more than 3,000 personalized handwritten Christmas cards – I am always fascinated by how perfect the result is! »

Ingo M. - 02.12.2020 🇩🇪

« Wonderful. A lovely personal touch that was well-received by all the recipients. »

Timothy - 12.01.2020 London 🇬🇧

« Perfect: Fast, hassle-free support and fast delivery. Thanks again. »

Verena, Vienna -  25.08.2022 🇦🇹 

« Super support and execution. Even with only small numbers a very fast and professional online service. The support by the Pensaki team was excellent and the quality of the handwritten letters is outstanding. »

Philipp R. - 03.02.2021 🇩🇪

« Both the upfront guidance and order execution were very good. We are very satisfied with the achieved results.»

Claudia - 06.10.2021 🇩🇪

Unlocking the C-Suite: The Impact of Handwritten Notes on Lead Generation

40 %

Response rate

"Pensaki webinar invitations generated new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign, with 40% response rate!"


10 %

Response rate

"... Response rate with a cold address list: 10% of those written to report for the purpose of making an appointment ...to the trade fair stand".


40 %

Response rate

"...Out of twenty letters, I was able to generate eight conversations, six of which turned into new clients."


24 %

Response rate

"With Pensaki, we easily reached 24%. With current, well-maintained pools, we're usually below 2%."


Too good to be true?

Our samples will convince you too. 😎


The biggest challenge in sales is that the percentage of companies in your market that are currently proactively “shopping” and looking for your expertise is vanishingly small. Only about three percent of your ideal customers will make a purchase in the next 30-90 days. For all other businesses, today is too early.
That’s why it’s so important to create an opportunity early on where your customers know, like, and trust your company long before they have a need.

Handwritten notes can make a very valuable contribution, especially in the context of new lead generation. Response rates of between 10 and 40 percent can be achieved if the success factors are taken into account. This expression of appreciation always leads to very good results when the success factors have been taken into account. Banal advertising messages remain banal even in handwriting. Our most successful customers pay special attention to the preparation of their sales letters in handwriting.

Email ¹ : 1%
Direct Mail (printed) ¹: 5%
Handwritten Mail ²: 40%

¹ = 2018 DMA Response Rate Report,  ² =  Testimonials

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Boost Your Marketing Results with Handwritten Notes!