Handwritten Cristmas cards: product details


DIN Lang (210 x 105 mm)


from 10 cards


Mailed to recipients


300 qsm cardboard


ALEX Handwriting Style


Fountain Pen


Up to 450 characters


DIN Long 100 gsm


Recipient and Sender's address

Handwritten Christmas cards always remain timeless and memorable

Sending handwritten Christmas cards offers a unique chance for businesses to convey gratitude. These heartfelt gestures go beyond mere courtesy, nurturing positive customer sentiment and fostering lasting loyalty. Gratitude wields significant influence; customers who feel valued are more likely to maintain their connection with a company, engage in repeat transactions, and become advocates for the brand. Handwritten Christmas cards play a pivotal role in both customer retention and acquisition.

Additionally, these cards serve as subtle yet powerful marketing tools. While their primary purpose is to extend Christmas greetings and express thanks, they also ensure that the brand remains prominently in customers’ minds. This ongoing presence proves beneficial when customers are making purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the delightful experience of receiving a personalized card can evoke positive brand associations, enhancing its reputation and allure.

Rediscover the Magic of bespoke Handwritten Christmas Cards

Amidst the digital era’s email-dominated landscape, the timeless tradition of sending handwritten Christmas cards to your valued customers emerges as a refreshing and innovative marketing strategy. In a tech-savvy world, this approach stands out by reintroducing a rare and cherished personal touch that digital communication often lacks. When your customers receive a meticulously crafted Christmas card designed exclusively for them, it evokes a sense of uniqueness and underscores your business’s genuine care for them as individuals. This personal connection fills a void often left unattended in the digital realm.

The advantages of sending handwritten Christmas cards extend far and wide for your business. They foster a profound sense of value among your customers, a potent and influential emotion. As customers develop a personal bond with your business, they become not only more inclined to maintain their loyalty but also eager to share their positive experiences with friends and family. This organic word-of-mouth endorsement is a priceless asset, driving brand recognition and trust.

Rediscover the power of tradition and personalization in your marketing strategy this Christmas season. Embrace the art of sending handwritten Christmas cards to rekindle genuine connections, cultivate lasting customer relationships, and leave a heartfelt impression in a digital world.

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