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For certain events, such as business invitations, it can make a lot of sense to send handwritten invitations with a fountain pen and in a handwritten envelope adorned with a stamp. This is because such events are often perceived as particularly important and serious, and guests expect the host to go to great lengths to make the event a success. A handwritten invitation gives the impression that the host takes the event very seriously and has taken care of all the details, including the invitation.

Opting for handwritten invitations is a signal that the sender is serious and that the event is really important. A handwritten invitation requires time, effort & resources, which is a signal that the host considers the event special and that they are willing to invest that attention and care into the invitation. Invitations sent by email, WhatsApp, or as a cheap printed matter are perceived as ordinary and impersonal. They require little time and effort, and often the same is true for the event.

Handwritten invitations appeal to the subconscious mind

At certain events, it makes perfect sense to invite guests with handwritten invitations using a fountain pen, enclosed in an equally handcrafted envelope, adorned with a postage stamp. Such handwritten invitations convey a sense of appreciation and attention to detail that cannot be matched by their digital counterparts. This is where the concept of “Costly Signaling” comes into play, as the effort and expense put into creating these invitations demonstrate the importance and value of the event being hosted. It is also why these invitations are often responded to with a confirmation or regret, as they demand a certain level of respect and consideration. In contrast, electronic invitations, such as those sent via email, WhatsApp, or printed on cheap paper, lack the personal touch and effort required to make them stand out, and are therefore seen as ordinary and unremarkable. Handwritten invitations are a mark of elegance, sophistication, and thoughtfulness, and should always be considered for special events.

Communication: Appreciation thanks to perceived value

Successful communication always takes several levels into account. Recipients always value creativity and personalization in any message. The perceived cost that the sender has invested in his message also plays an important role. British marketing expert Rory Sutherland mentions the “costly signaling” theory in this context. Especially in the Internet age, a handwritten letter always marks you out as someone who pays attention to detail in business. So sending a handwritten card is a win-win: The recipient feels valued, and the writer excels by demonstrating knowledge of such manners.

Five Reasons why handwritten invitations get a response

  1. Personality and Individuality: Handwritten invitations give the impression that the organizer has taken the time and effort to personalize the invitations. The sender’s handwriting adds a personal touch to the invitation and shows that the recipient is considered an important guest.
  2. Exclusivity and appreciation: handwritten invitations are rare and exclusive, which makes them special. They signal to the recipient that they are special and that the event is of high importance. This increases the recipient’s appreciation.
  3. Costly Signaling: Costly Signaling states that a high level of commitment and effort in a promotion is a signal that the sender is serious and that the event is really important. Handwritten invitations are an example of Costly Signaling because they require time, effort and resources.
  4. Courtesy and Etiquette: a handwritten invitation also requires a polite response. The recipient feels obligated to respond to the sender and let them know if they will accept or decline the invitation. This is a sign of good etiquette and respect.

Commemorative value and exclusivity: a handwritten invitation is a keepsake and can serve as a memento of the event. It makes the recipient feel special because they received an exclusive and personalized invitation, so they will remember the event as something special.

In contrast, invitations sent by email, WhatsApp, or as a cheap printed matter are often perceived as ordinary and impersonal. These invitations do not require a lot of effort and can be sent quickly and easily to many people. Therefore, they are often perceived as less valued and do not reward the recipient’s attention.

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