Expressing Gratitude Instead Of Blunt Sales Bullshit Makes A Difference

Retention| Megan|11/11/2019


Christmas is a challenging time for marketers. It’s important to get your brand name out there, but businesses need to proceed with caution because it’s also easy to overwhelm your customers who are also likely experiencing stress associated with the holidays.  If customers feel bothered by your outreach, you end up harming your relationships rather than strengthening them.

How can you reach out to your customers, without overstepping your boundaries? Why you need to proceed with caution. The holidays mark a time for increased consumerism. Everyone wants to sell something and most people are on the market to buy.

It makes sense to exploit this season by offering your customers deals and specials. However, with a mass amount of marketing materials being sent during this time, it can come off as a gimmick or without true sincerity and customization.

Try something different, and act to make your customers happy over yourself. Send something detached from an advertising message. Leveraging handwritten note services is one way to send a personalized message to your customers.

Beware of newsletters and impersonal bulk mail

If you send emails to your mailing list, proceed with caution. Impersonal emails and mailings have little chance to convey appreciation and are likely to be caught in the noise of the holiday marketing chaos. This also means, your message won’t be heard.

The mere use of the correct name in the salutation is far from personalization. Without a customized touch, these bulk mailings appear loveless. They can also be detrimental if a loyal business customer receives one. Your most important customers may have expectations of a gift or reciprocation for being a valued customer.

Impersonalization gives the impression that your organization is more set on taking than giving.

Make Your Message And Gift Personal Or Don’t Bother At All

There are many ways to personalize a message to your customers near the holiday season. By presenting a small token of appreciation to your customers, you are able to make a lasting impression.

One way to personalize a message is via an incentive. If you’re able to provide a coupon or similar advantage to loyal customers, they will feel appreciated. Additionally, if you take time to record meaningful information about your customers and business partners throughout the year, you can make an even bigger impression.

Combine Genuine Appreciation And Positive Emotions To Win Hearts

By combining the two aforementioned ideas, you have a winning concept. Accompany any monetary reward with a personalized note talking about details that you’ve learned throughout your relationship. For example, that one time your business partner casually mentioned they have a small daughter who is fond of ponies.

This attention to detail takes time and effort, but this investment shows your appreciation to the recipient. It can also help you cut through the noise of other, less crafted outreach. If you don’t have the time to craft these messages, that’s how handwritten note services can come into play.

Leveraging handwritten notes and letters for personalization

It may sound antiquated, but the handwritten approach is both popular and meaningful.

A recent survey showed that as many as 80 percent of respondents are happy about handwritten notes and letters.

Christmas cards for your best customers are a great way to show appreciation and stand out. If you decide to do so, observe the following basic rules.

  • Use handwritten Christmas cards and avoid kitschy cheap materials. The paper quality should stand out from cold business letters.
  • Use a high-quality ballpoint pen or fountain pen and blue ink. Keep the message short and concise so the reader can quickly understand the message without taking much of their time.
  • If possible, include something individual in the content so that each recipient feels personally addressed.

Compared to other direct mail advertising campaigns around the holidays, handwritten cards are reasonably priced, too. Especially if you use online letter services like Pensaki.

Though nothing can replace the sentiments of a handwritten card directly by you, it can be time-consuming to pen letters to all of your customers. Handwritten Christmas cards from Pensaki are a scalable alternative to writing them by hand yourself.

Let the hard work get taken off your hands, without missing out on an authentic message for your customers.