Four Winning Customer Engagement Tactics To Boost Brand Loyalty

Retention| Tanja|16/11/2020


Think about it – buying is emotional, and what’s more heartfelt than a personal note? It’s like a warm hug in your mailbox! These notes aren’t just about selling products; they’re about creating loyal fans. Customers emotionally connected through these notes tend to splurge more – 90% more frequently and 60% more per purchase. And it’s not all about the cash; it’s about making customers feel uniquely valued. Remember the joy of receiving a postcard? That’s the golden feeling we’re after. In an automated world, a handwritten note makes your brand pop, creating memorable connections. For instance, when Hex sent 13,000 handwritten notes, their customers were thrilled, leading to more spending and fewer returns. Time to reignite the power of the pen and personalize customer engagement!

Uncovering the Emotional Core of Customer Engagement

In an age where digital interactions run amok, the art of fostering real customer engagement has taken an interesting twist. But at the crux of this transformation is indeed the revival of a classic – handwritten notes. That they are not just a communication tool but an access key to emotion is something that resonates down into the depths of customer engagement.

Now let’s delve into the psychology of this. Emotional purchases trump logical decisions almost every single time. Customers want to feel a resonance with brands signaling meaning or purpose in their own personal identity. And again, that’s where handwritten notes come into play. It’s personal, it’s heartfelt and is unexpected in this digital world. The McKinsey research picks up a critical point: 20-50% of purchasing decisions stem from word-of-mouth referrals. What does that tell us? That the emotional bond customers form with your brand is paramount.

Ways to Skyrocket Customer Engagement

1. Promise, Deliver, and Impress

Raise the customer engagement first by keeping your promises. That is the basic building block of trust. If your brand says overnight delivery, it should be exactly that way. Trust is a no-negotiable asset in the customer-brand relationship.

2. Be Where Your Customers Are

The keyword is accessibility. In a world where customers have a digital experience at their fingertips, they want to find brands everywhere. A multi-channel presence is not just handy; it’s absolutely imperative. It’s about holding the personal touch, to be present and reply where it matters most for your customers. This goes beyond their expectations, elevating the experience of your customers with your brand.

3. Personalized: The Handwritten Touch Added

In an 80% world where brands don’t seem to understand or even reach out for their customers, by the way, personalization can work wonders. Handwritten notes, once a necessity, are now an anecdote for the cold touch of modern life. They create a sense of honest care and connection reminiscent of the warmth elicited by a letter from a friend. This level of personalization deepens the emotional bond, nurturing a world-class enterprise whose customer engagement is beyond anything automated responses can ever hope to achieve.

4. Stand out from the Crowd, Don’t Blend in

Unforgettable is non-negotiable. Meeting with expectations is only the baseline in an overcrowded market. You have to be different, you have to be memorable, and you have to be engaging. Handwritten notes hit all of these perfectly. They are a simple yet powerful way to show that respect and appreciation for your customers as unique people – not just numbers.

The Tangible Benefits of Enhanced Customer Engagement

According to the studies, personalization and emotional attachment combined affect more than just feel-good; it is profitable. Customers that get some personal attention via a handwritten note spend more and return significantly less. They feel as if they share something with a brand – hence loyalty evidenced by repeatedly buying from you.

Consider Pensaki, for example. They see making an emotional tie with the handwritten personalized messages. This not only impresses their customers but helps in a long way to increase customer loyalty and hence, sales. In a digital world, sometimes, the most impactful move is to go back to the basics – the power of a handwritten note.