How To Amaze 80 Percent Of Mankind Through The Letterbox


Handwritten letters are celebrating a comeback. For Real.

Bespoke handwritten letters and handwritten postcards are indeed topics that young and dynamic experts in digitalization are increasingly dealing with today. These people were born when the internet already existed. For these people, online marketing is the norm. Unfortunately, there are now serious problems with the effectiveness of purely digital marketing. Therefore, these experts are dealing again with the basic things that are important for humans. There are still many more possibilities in the analogue world than in the digital world.

As a result old-fashioned handwritten letters are currently being discussed more intensively again, although the daily presence of topics such as “social networks”, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram rather suggest the opposite.

Handwritten letters are back in fashion because value matters

Now, however, the results of a recent representative survey by (n= 1,000), commissioned by Paperblanks, are raising hopes for a veritable comeback of handwriting. The survey looked at the importance of the handwritten letters in contrast to digital messages (18 to 65 years).

The study came to the following conclusions:

  • Over 80 % would be amazed to find more handwritten letters in their letterbox
  • Two-thirds of Germans would like to see more handwritten letters
  • For more than 80% of respondents, handwritten letters also have a special personal value – in contrast to digital messages.
  • More than 86 % of the female participants consider handwritten letters to be more valuable than digital texts such as text messages.
  • Around 73% of men also like handwritten letters better than their quickly electronically typed relatives.
  • Even 85% of those below 30 years of age consider handwritten cards to be valuable.
  • Respondents between the ages of 18 and 30 see handwritten lines as particularly valuable to them.
  • The results of the study are clear: handwritten cards and letters are definitely wanted again and have not been forgotten!

The results of the study are clear: handwritten notes and handwritten letters are definitely wanted again and have not been forgotten!

Handwritten letters communicate a great deal of appreciation

Handwritten letters and handwritten notes contain much more personality than a quickly typed e-mail or text message. Germans are almost unanimous on this point. After all, handwritten cards contain lines that a person puts on paper themselves and which are not simply created by electronics. Handwritten cards contain the effort that a person puts into writing.

Ultimately, the addressee sees the text that he or she has created. Not only the writing, but also the design of the text on a handwritten card has been carefully considered and implemented by the sender. If there are visible or improved spelling mistakes, one can only speak of personality. Sometimes, handwritten cards have these small blemishes and show the personal touch of the writer.

Handwritten letters are simply more valuable than any email

The fact that the majority of survey participants consider handwritten cards and letters more valuable than digital texts is easy to understand. Due to the personality that can be seen on handwritten cards through various factors, handwritten letters or cards are attributed a greater value than typed content. People recognise and appreciate the personal effort and work behind something handwritten. So handwritten cards and texts become more valuable to people than an email or text message.

Beautiful Handwritten Letters Foster An Emotional Connection

In the end, of course, emotions are the deciding factor. And an emotional bond can be evoked above all through handwritten cards. How? Personality is conveyed through the self-written text, as it took effort, work and thought to create it. Because there is so much more personality in a handwritten card or letter than in an email or text message, a handwritten card is considered more valuable. When people value something and find it valuable, they have established an emotional connection. After all, this is exactly what most people intend when they send handwritten cards and letters instead of quickly reaching for their mobile phone or tediously typing into a keyboard.

They want the recipient to enjoy and appreciate the handwritten card. Handwritten cards and letters are definitely back in fashion. The study and the facts prove that it pays to take up the pen, for the writer and for the recipient. Because both want more handwritten cards and letters in this day and age.