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Smart Marketers are Ditching Tech for Handwritten Birthday Cards


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The Secret Weapon for Customer Loyalty: Handwritten Birthday Cards


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The Surprising ROI of Sending Handwritten Birthday Cards

Handwritten birthday cards trigger a lot of positive emotions

Congratulations are more important than any gift, because it shows the recipient, “I thought of you today, and wish you all the best for the next 365 days.” Birthday cards are therefore also very important for successful companies, in the context of customer loyalty. In the context of customer loyalty, the medium chosen to convey individual congratulations is always also crucial – automatically sent birthday emails or Facebook messages may be technically easy to implement, but will hardly have any effect, especially if they arrive from numerous addressees at the same time. Because what is simple for the sender is almost always perceived as correspondingly simple or “worthless” by the recipient. What may be accepted in a close circle of friends is very likely to be out of place in business life.

Handwritten birthday cards always make you stand out

There is no more personal date in the course of the year than one’s own birthday – the day we were born accompanies us throughout life, a lot of emotional memories revolve around the annually recurring “cradle festival”: the children’s birthdays in the parental home, when the candles on the cake were blown out, wild parties in teenage years, the roaring Happy Birthday serenade from friends and colleagues and popping champagne corks at a round birthday at a more mature age. Stylish handwritten birthday cards present a unique opportunity to express appreciation. More important than any gift, congratulations show the recipient, “I thought of you today, and wish you all the best for the next 365 days.”

In the digital age, emotionality in customer communication is becoming an important competitive advantage. After all, customer loyalty can be increased by emotionalizing the customer relationship. The key success factor for growth lies in deepening existing customer relationships. There is a lot of potential for optimization here, because 89% of customers do not feel any emotional attachment to the brands they buy.

The feeling of special appreciation has a direct impact on consumer behavior – customers who have a real relationship with a brand buy twice as much as those without a personal connection. It also makes them stay loyal to the brand longer.

Handwritten birthday cards will never miss their effect: The handwritten birthday card will lead to an above-average number of positive customer feedback. More and more forward-thinking companies are making similar experiences: the actual quality of the customer relationship cannot be assessed purely on the basis of metrics or KPIs, nor can it be significantly improved by technical measures alone.

Instead of generating clicks or pushing unique visits, these companies therefore convey personal experiences to customers – such as with handwritten birthday cards – and show them their appreciation.

It is not uncommon for them to be rewarded with valuable word-of-mouth referrals. However, personal appreciation should not only be used selectively: The use of handwriting makes sense as an element of a comprehensive corporate strategy that understands and actively lives the topic of customer satisfaction as a central component overall. Similar positive experiences should be created at all “touchpoints” where the customer comes into contact with the company.

With Pensaki, it is possible to have handwritten birthday cards written in an authentic human handwriting style without touching a fountain pen yourself. In the process, each letter is put to paper with a fountain pen. However, the order is processed entirely online.

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