Reviving Lost Connections: The Magic of Handwritten Postcards


Companies often focus on acquiring new customers, but winning back former customers is more cost-effective and impactful. Personal contact is key in this process, and handwritten postcards have proven to be a highly successful method, significantly outperforming standard methods like emails. These postcards create an emotional connection, essential in industries like utilities where customers can easily switch providers. The effort and personal touch of a handwritten note convey a sense of value and appreciation to the customer. Marketing expert Rory Sutherland highlights that our brains perceive handwritten communication as more important and sincere. Handwritten mailings have an incredibly high open rate and can greatly enhance follow-up interactions. For businesses concerned about the time investment in writing these notes, services like Pensaki offer a convenient solution with handwriting robots. This approach not only rekindles customer relationships but also strengthens loyalty and trust.

Rekindling Old Flames: Winning Back Customers with a Personal Touch

Ever noticed how companies are obsessed with getting new customers? Here’s a twist: winning back those who’ve left can be a real game-changer. And when it comes to getting those lost customers back, it’s all about making them feel special. An email won’t cut it. You need something personal, something that stands out – like a handwritten postcard.

The Secret Sauce: Handwritten Postcards

Believe it or not, handwritten postcards have some serious power. Pensaki customers have seen a win-back rate of 9 to 12 percent with these gems. That’s huge compared to the usual 4 percent for new customers. Why? Because a handwritten note adds an emotional touch to the business relationship.

The Emotional Connection

Think about utility providers. In Germany, where switching electricity companies is as easy as pie, personal connections matter. Without an emotional bond, customers can easily jump ship at the slightest issue. But a heartfelt, handwritten postcard offering something special? That can make all the difference.

Building Trust with a Personal Touch

A handwritten letter is like a secret handshake. It tells your customers they’re more than just a number. Marketing expert Rory Sutherland says our brains decode communication. Get two wedding invites – one by email, another handwritten in a beautiful envelope – which feels more special? The handwritten one, of course. It’s all about “costly signaling.” It shows effort and care.

The Power of Handwriting

Here’s the kicker: 80% of Germans love getting something handwritten in their mailbox. Handwritten mailings get opened up to 90% of the time. That’s almost every single letter! And if you follow up with a call, people are four to five times more likely to pick up.

No More Hand Cramps

Worried about spending days writing out cards? Don’t sweat it. Pensaki’s got you covered with their handwriting robots. Just pick a card, choose a handwriting style, type your message, and they’ll handle the rest. Easy peasy.

The Bottom Line

Handwritten postcards aren’t just a nice touch – they’re a powerful tool for reconnecting with former customers. They show you care and put in the effort, which builds trust and loyalty. So why not give it a try? It might just turn those lost customers into loyal fans once again.