Robots are a smart alternative to handwriting letters instead of having other humans do it. First, the scalability of robots enables the efficient creation of large volumes of letters. The robot writes exactly what it is supposed to write, whether it is 5 letters or 5,000.

In addition, the use of robots also offers advantages in terms of confidentiality. This is especially important when sending business letters or confidential communications. Of course, PENSAKI is 100% DSGVO compliant. You can anonymize all personal data at any time.

The simplicity of online processing is another plus. With just a few clicks you can change their texts or correct addresses before ordering. In addition, you can download all letters as PDFs before ordering. PENSAKI’s user-friendliness makes it easy to use and makes the whole process smooth and time-saving.

Thanks to API integration, it is even possible to seamlessly integrate letters with CRM systems. This allows you to automatically retrieve customer information and preferences and create personalized letters. The combination of AI technology and CRM data enables an even more targeted and effective customer approach.

Artificial elegance: How robots surprise with charming letters

Only penning yourself always remains the best alternative.


The use of robots enables high scalability.


The use of robots enables error-free handwritten letters. They write exactly what you provide.


The production is done with legitimate robots to be able to guarantee confidentiality.

Total Control

All letters can be fully personalized and fully controlled in terms of content.

The magic of technology: robot letters that stir emotions

In our showroom you will find a selection of our handwritten letters, cards and postcards. Here you can discover different styles and text lengths to find ideas for your own letters. Our showroom offers a variety of templates and samples to use as a starting point. We also offer over 500 different custom formats to ensure your letter is unique and meets your needs. Dive into our showroom and be inspired by our diverse letter selection.

Too good to be true?

Our samples will convince you too. 😎