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"You type, robots create bespoke handwritten letters for you

With PENSAKI, you can have handwritten letters just like the PDF sample, created with real pens and sent directly. You can also write personal messages. Our robots write all the letters in a human handwriting on paper, using real pens and ink. Afterward, we place these letters in envelopes, on which the addresses are also written by the robots, based on the information you've provided to us. Then, we affix German postage stamps to the envelopes and take them to the post office. Everything happens in Germany. You input the text, and we take care of the rest for you.

These handwritten letters come ready to go, and the prices include everything, even postage and worldwide delivery through Deutsche Post. The prices also include 19% German VAT, even if you're ordering from Australia because our service is entirely provided in Germany, including postal delivery. In short, the flat rate covers stationery, printed text, envelope addressing, plus the 19% VAT.The minimum order quantity is 10 letters, and the listed price applies to these 10 letters. If you order more than 10 letters, you automatically pay the unit price, which is calculated by dividing the total price by 10, for all letters beyond the minimum order of 10.

Letters with white premium paper, totally unbranded

Have you already checked the PDF sample of this letter? It gives you a preview of what we'll create for you. All our standard-sized letters are completely neutral, printed on high-quality paper. Besides the handwritten message, there is nothing else on the paper or the envelopes. Using plain white paper without distracting prints is crucial for handwritten letters because it directs attention to the content. This way, it prevents the letter from immediately being perceived as business-related and mentally categorized. Printed paper is more suitable when conveying information or advertisements, ensuring that the personal message remains brief and personal.

Stationery Envelopes
Type: DIN A4 paper Envelopes without window
Format DIN A4 (297 x 210 mm) DIN Lang (220 x 110 mm)
Paper Weight 100 gsm 100 gsm
Paper Quality Premium White Unbranded Premium White Unbranded

These letters just need your words and the respective addresses of your recipients, and our robots will write them in a human-like handwriting style. Everything else? We take care of it. Even the trip to the German post office for worldwide snail mail delivery – we've got you covered. Pretty amazing, right?All our PENSAKI standard formats are sent directly to your recipients using Deutsche Post. That happens within three business days. Once we send your letters, you'll get a confirmation email.

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Mailing Handwritten Letters Globally with PENSAKI


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Handwritten Letters Elevate Marketing Success

Handwritten letters work really well for getting attention in marketing. They feel special because we don’t see them often. When people get one, they feel like someone took the time to write just to them. This makes them pay more attention than they do to emails.

Getting a handwritten letter makes people feel a bit nostalgic and happy. This means they’re more likely to respond positively. When a company sends these letters, it shows they care. This builds trust.

People are curious about what’s inside a handwritten letter, so they’re more likely to open it. This is good for businesses. It shows they’re serious about connecting with people. Overall, handwritten letters are great for getting responses in marketing. They’re different from emails and make a lasting impression.

Considering these key factors for successful lead generation campaigns is crucial because a poor marketing message won’t work, even if it’s handwritten. The method of delivery, like using a handwritten letter, can make your message stand out, but it’s not enough on its own. The content of the message is just as important.

A marketing message needs to be relevant, engaging, and valuable to the recipient. If the message is not well-crafted or doesn’t resonate with the target audience, it won’t be effective, no matter how it’s delivered. In other words, a bad message is still bad, even if it’s written by hand. The unique charm of a handwritten letter can only go so far. It might grab attention at first, but if the message itself doesn’t hold any value or interest for the recipient, it won’t lead to successful engagement or conversions.

So, for a lead generation campaign to work well, it’s essential to focus on creating a strong, relevant message first. Then, using a personalized method like a handwritten letter can enhance its impact.

A handwritten letter that’s well-written and about something the recipient cares about will catch their attention. Services like Pensaki make it easy to send these custom letters. This is handy for busy people who want to reach out in a memorable way.

It’s a good idea to use plain paper for your handwritten letter. This makes it feel less like a sales pitch and more elegant and thoughtful. In a world full of digital messages, a handwritten letter on simple paper really stands out.

Handwritten Letters: Stand Out in any Inbox

Handwritten letters are a unique and powerful way to communicate. They show you pay attention to details and help your message stand out. This is especially true when the letter is genuinely handwritten, not just printed to look like it. At PENSAKI, robots use real fountain pens to write each letter, making them authentic and special.

But remember, just sending a handwritten letter isn’t enough for great response rates in lead generation. Your message also has to be strong and relevant. An authentic handwritten letter grabs attention, but what you say in it is crucial. You need to consider these important success factors to obtain outstanding lead generation success.

Nonverbal communication, like the effort and style of a handwritten letter, adds value. It builds trust and creates positive emotions. Rory Sutherland, a marketing expert, talks about “costly signaling”. This means that the effort you put into communication, like a handwritten letter, makes your message stronger. But it’s not just about the effort. Your message needs to be clear and meaningful.

In today’s digital world, people get lots of messages. To stand out, your message should be memorable. Handwritten letters can do this. They show you understand the importance of details.

At PENSAKI, we make it easy to send these special letters. Our robots write with Lamy fountain pens, and you can choose different handwriting styles. Whether you’re sending 250 letters or more, each one is unique. The stationery and envelopes are high-quality and unbranded. We even use German first-class stamps for a personal touch. You can personalize every letter, not just the salutation. In three business days, we hand over your letters to Deutsche Post for global delivery.

So, while a handwritten letter from PENSAKI is a great start, remember to focus on a strong, relevant message too. This combination will really make your campaign successful.

Michaela Seika


"Pensaki invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign with a lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

Ilaria Giordano


"The letters were a great success! If you really want to impress, the Pensaki Letters are a very good investment."

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