"I Will Survive": Why successful DTC brands fight for every review


Honest customer reviews are crucial for online retailers and DTC brands, as they have a direct influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Psychology plays an important role here, as recommendations and testimonials from other consumers strengthen trust in a product or brand. McKinsey data shows that customer reviews have a significant influence on purchasing behavior and that companies without sufficient reviews and recommendations can suffer significant sales losses.

Studies have shown that when faced with uncertainty and ambiguity, people often look for social proof to inform their decisions. Customer reviews provide this social proof because they reflect the opinions and experiences of other customers. McKinsey has found that consumers who engage with positive reviews are 15-20% more likely to make a purchase. The psychological impact of customer reviews goes beyond just trust. Customers tend to identify with other customers who have similar needs and preferences. When they read reviews from other consumers who had similar challenges or requirements, they feel understood and can better identify with the product or brand. This increases the likelihood that they will choose to purchase.

In addition, positive customer reviews also have a positive impact on brand image. They create credibility and strengthen the trust of potential customers. McKinsey has found that customers who have come across positive reviews are 35% more likely to buy the product. This means that without sufficient customer reviews, companies are scaring off potential customers and losing sales.

Why customer reviews are so hard to come by

Gaining customer reviews is a challenge because customers often tend not to leave reviews. According to a study by BrightLocal, only 10% of consumers regularly provide online reviews. Another survey by Search Engine Land found that 70% of consumers would only provide a review if prompted. This shows that a targeted invitation to review and a simple review platform are critical to motivating customers to submit reviews.

Successful companies leverage the power of handwritten letters

Successful online retailers and DTC brands increasingly rely on handwritten letters or handwritten postcards to receive honest online reviews from their customers. These gratitude and appreciation interventions reach customers in a legally secure way and can touch them emotionally to the maximum. Unlike cheap printed materials, handwritten letters get the precious attention they deserve.

The personal nature of the handwritten letter or postcard makes customers feel individually addressed and valued. This triggers an emotional response and creates a connection between the customer and the brand.

a6 handwritten thank you note incl envelopesMcKinsey studies have shown that emotional connections lead to higher customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood that customers will leave positive reviews. This is especially important since cheap printed materials are often overlooked or perceived as impersonal.

Overall, handwritten letters and postcards allow for a unique and effective way for online retailers and DTC brands to receive honest online reviews from their customers. Through legally compliant delivery and emotional engagement, they generate a valuable awareness that cheap printed materials could never achieve.