Your Lead Generation Is Going Ballistic With Beautiful Handwritten Letters


Handwritten letters are anachronistic

Handwritten letters are extremely effective as recipients value the creative aspect and also perceived costs that the sender has invested. Actually, it sounds like a step backward. As funny as it may sound, marketing experts are starting to adopt promo methods that involve sending texts in writing. Improving lead generation is also no longer a question of whether one needs additional marketing channels. But rather, finding a means of communicating effectively.

The best way is to be concise and also consistent. People are drowned by endless streams of advertising on a daily basis. Thanks to the increased mediums of digital marketing,

You may also be surprised how a few personal lines on the back of a handwritten postcard can achieve such great results. Take the Mark Zuckerberg challenge for example – where he vowed to send handwritten letters daily to show his gratitude. Not only did the action shock those on the receiving end but also those looking in from the outside.

And these means of unexpected, even counterintuitive handwritten letters will greatly open additional gateways for successful relations.

As it stands, marketing departments are also concerned with issues such as reach, speed, and automation. The goal has always been to funnel marketing messages to as many people as possible. And also for as little money as possible. There is a very important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. There are also several levels of communication that have to be considered.

The appreciation is in the value of the message

The recipient values the creative aspect and also perceived costs that the sender has invested in his message. British marketing expert, Rory Sutherland speaks in this context about “costly signalling”.


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Handwritten letters provoke double emotions.  Now we have established the powers of physical goods and even personalized handwriting. Imagine blending the two together to create a spellbinding effect!

In the first instance, there is the material that the note is written on. This could be on a piece of paper, a card or simply scribbled on an envelope. But whichever it is, this is the object that would activate the sense of touch. The second emotion is then triggered through visuals. Being able to see not only the material used but also the actual handwriting that spells out the message. Let’s say we use handwritten postcards as an example. The person on the receiving end would consider the time it would have taken to write. And also to post the card. They would favour your postcard any day over other senders quick and easy e-card solution.

This sense of appreciation shows measurable results. It also generates higher response rates. And it all pretty much boils down to social behaviour.

effective sales letters by PENSAKI A4 650

The basic rules of social behavior

When someone does something for us, we feel obliged to reciprocate that gesture in the near future. Because that corresponds to the social norm that all people have internalized. According to the marketing expert and also social psychologist Robert B. Cialdini, the inclusion of the so-called “principle of reciprocity” is one of the most important success factors in marketing. This concept is especially true for handwritten letters as a manifestation of creativity and a commitment to stand out.


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The ordinary office structure makes it incredibly challenging to incorporate handwritten messages for B2B or even B2C communications. Despite attending the numerous productivity seminars and also compiling a few office tricks – it is simply not a viable investment.

However, the script is flipped when you bring in the help of writing robots or “typewriters”. Along with corresponding API interfaces, high-quality messages can be completely automated. While using a selection of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and also high-quality paper that add to the authentic appearance. Thus, making them especially valuable.

Handwritten envelopes are very effective

With services offered by Pensaki, aside from the handwritten messages, accompanying envelopes are also addressed in beautiful handwriting. And to top that off, a postage stamp is also plastered on the envelope.
All that needs doing now is for the postman to deliver the letter to your customer’s home or office. And you will be surprised by the results of your campaigns, even using only handwritten envelopes will drive your results.