Beautiful handwritten notes are critical in the thank-you-economy

Retention| Tanja|18/07/2019


In the area of real-time communication, slowness becomes a luxury. The best example is sending a bespoke handwritten letter. From a time-economic point of view, the message written on paper with a fountain pen is the exact opposite of a WhatsApp message. Such a letter can’t be done “on the fly”, for example in the subway or between two meetings. Sending handwritten letters requires attention and focus.

Customer loyalty can be increased with handwritten notes

The combination of handwriting and writing material plays a very special role here. Analogous distinctiveness between all the monotonous, mass-printed advertising mail in the mailbox is an important trigger for Digital Natives, Danziger emphasizes:

“The key is to offer this generation of high-quality paper goods that reflect their individual styles and make them feel special. “

The feeling of special appreciation, in turn, has a noticeable effect on consumer behavior.

“Customers who have a true relationship with a brand buy twice as much compared to non-personal customers”
Mark Robeson (“How Luxury Brands can reinvent the customer experience“).

handwritten letters serviceAlso, they would stay loyal to the brand for longer. Even small gestures, such as sending the customer a handwritten note for their orders, are enough. Robeson mentions Silvia Venturini Fendi as an example, accessories-boss at the renowned luxury label Fendi. She made sure that the made-to-order Peekaboo bags by Fendi are delivered with a handwritten thank you card. Another example of a traditional luxury brand, which generates positive emotions in customers with handwritten letters, is Montblanc. There are also newcomers who have just started their business with the help of the “Thank You Economy”. Micah Solomon reports on the Forbes blog about the US startup “HEX” – a niche online shop that specializes in stylish accessories for high-tech gadgets. The advertising and marketing budget of such a startup can’t compete with big brands. But with more than 13,000 handwritten thank-you notes by employees, HEX managed to turn many buyers into regular returning customers.

Stay longer in memory with handwritten notes

robot handwritten sorry notes by PENSAKITwo parts of the customer interaction ensure that the consumer remembers the company in the end. These are always the beginning (“hello!”) and the end (“goodbye!”) Of the interaction, as the brain takes a snapshot at each of these points, which will be recalled in future remembering. HEX excelled in the second “snapshot”: with the help of the handwritten thank-you cards, every customer interaction was completed in a memorable way. However, to make “handwriting” work as an expression of esteem, the message must meet various conditions, says Solomon:

Reference to the actual interaction or the reason why one is grateful: Merely to write: “We are grateful to have you as a customer” is too general and not sufficient.

  • Handwritten letters must be surprising, so it shouldn’t be repeated too often.
  • Be sure to refrain from banal advertising messages in your handwritten letters
  • The possibility to answer it. Ideally, add the contact details by hand.

Marathon, not a sprint: customer loyalty as a long-term goal

“Most companies don’t run a marathon, but a sprint: they don’t think about long-term customer loyalty and lifetime value – but set short-term goals for themselves,” criticizes Gary Vaynerchuk, to whom we owe the idea of the “Thank You Economy”. Handwritten notes that create positive emotions for the customer can be the first step on the long haul, even if you don’t have a nice handwriting or lack the time to write all your letters or cards with your own hands. Pensaki is the digital private secretary who will do the writing for you – to keep you ahead of the game. For small and exclusive occasions, of course, professional calligraphers are also recommended. Maybe you can find someone directly in your area?