Outstanding Tech Startups Leverage The Power Of Handwritten Notes

Retention| Tanja|18/09/2019


Slowing down our business practices in our fast-paced world can be beneficial. The best example for this is the handwritten direct mail. Writing with a fountain pen on paper is the exact opposite of what digital marketing tells us to do, but might be the most beneficial.

Handwritten letters can’t compete with the instant impact of Snapchat, WhatsApp, email or quick text messages. A handwritten letter can’t be composed on the go, like on the subway or in between meetings.

But, that’s exactly why a handwritten letter is more impactful. It takes thought to produce and customize.

Real customer appreciation is the key to customer loyalty

Market researcher, Pamela Danziger, stresses that the combination of handwriting and writing materials play a very special role in business relationships.

Being able to create brand distinction within the masses of monotonous, mass printed advertising mail is very important. “The key is offering this generation paper products, of high-quality, that reflect their own individual styles and because of which they feel special,” says Danziger.

The feeling of being appreciated has, in turn, a noticeable effect on the consumer behavior. Appreciation translates into dollars and cents for your organization.

“Customers who have a real relationship with a brand buy twice as much than people without a personal bond” Mark Robeson, SVP of Sales & Marketing at VIPdesk.

Also, they become more faithful to the brand.

Handwritten letters are an integral part of the thank you economy

One of the most basic components of creating customer loyalty is by showing appreciation.

Even the smallest gestures can have a big impact.

For example, luxury brands like Fendi, have taken the time to show their customers they are thankful for them. Silvia Venturini Fendi, Head ofAccessories with the brand, insisted that the “Peekaboo” handbags (which are produced on request) are delivered with a handwritten thank you note. This extra touch shows customers they are valued, individually.

handwritten thank you notes are effective packaging Inserts

HEX, a specialized e-commerce company that focuses accessories for high-tech gadgets is another example of personalized thoughtfulness. HEX is a startup, and can’t compete with the marketing budgets of established brands. So, to differentiate themselves, HEX managed to transform buyers into regular customers by sending out more than 13,000 handwritten thank-you notes.

There is a reason why companies take advantage of a handwritten solution. It’s more thoughtful than mass, digital communication.

The snapshot method: Stay in your customer’s memory

A customer interaction always starts with “hello” and the ends with “good-bye”. But how you convey the heart of the message is what will make the conversation memorable.

Sealing a business transaction, follow up call, cold call—or anything other customer interaction— will become memorable with the help of handwritten thank you notes.

To make your handwritten direct mail impactful, follow these steps:

  1. Reference the actual interaction or the reason why you are thankful. Just writing: “We are thankful for having you as a customer.” is too general and not enough.
  2. The handwritten communication needs to surprise; therefore it shouldn’t be repeated too often.
  3. Nothing commercial in the letter.
  4. Ideally, enter contact info by hand.

Why technology startups love handwritten direct mail

handwritten thank you notes by PENSAKI

Startups use these direct mail methods because they realize operating online only isn’t enough.

Everyone is online all the time, so to stand out, you need to break out of the online world. The online store, Yuppiechef.com, realizes this. Yuppiechef is a popular kitchen accessories e-retailer that was founded in 2006.

Since its incorporation, Yuppiechef has grown tremendously. A lot of its growth is due to the magic of human touch. The owners of Yuppiechef were so glad about the first order they received, they wrote a heartfelt handwritten note to their first customer, thanking him for supporting the young company. The customer who received the thank you note appreciated the interaction with Yuppiechef which creates brand loyalty.

And, since the note was a huge hit, Yupperchef has decided to keep including this level of personalization.

Handwritten notes generate a feeling of excitement that a mass email could never spark. Precisely why Yupperchef joins the likes of Fendi and Hex when it comes to leveraging handwritten notes for customer retention.

Marathon instead of sprint: Customer loyalty as the long-term goal

“Most companies don’t run a marathon, they are sprinting. They don’t think about customer loyalty for the long term, but only set short-term goals”, criticizes Gary Vaynerchuk, to whom we owe the idea of the “Thank You Economy”.

A handwritten note creates positive emotions for the customer, which is a crucial first step for the long haul. Handwritten sentiments are possible even if you don’t have a neat handwriting or lack the time to write all the letters or cards by hand.

You can thank Pensaki for that.

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