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Pen Your Way to Success: Boost Results with Handwritten Letters

Sending cold bespoke handwritten letters to perfectly qualified prospects is an excellent way to effectively engage and generate leads. This approach is particularly valuable in the current business environment due to GDPR regulations, which limit the possibility of engaging with cold prospects electronically without their prior consent.

In addition, sending cold emails to prospects is mostly seen as a demonstration of desperation rather than a professional first impression. In any case, they are perceived as an intrusion and nuisance. Not really the best start for a business relationship.

In contrast, a bespoke handwritten letter with a relevant personal message is more likely to grab the attention of the recipient and create a positive first impression.

The key to success when sending bespoke handwritten letters is to keep the message concise and personal, focusing on a relevant topic that is of interest to the recipient. Online services like Pensaki make it easy to create and send custom handwritten letters, providing a hassle-free solution for busy professionals who want to make an impact with their outreach efforts.

When sending bespoke handwritten letters, it is important to use unbranded stationery to avoid the perception that the letter is a sales pitch. A handwritten message on unbranded paper demonstrates elegance, class, and intelligence in a world dominated by information noise.

In summary, sending cold bespoke handwritten letters to perfectly qualified prospects is an outstanding idea for effectively engaging and generating leads. This approach is particularly valuable in light of GDPR regulations that limit electronic outreach to cold prospects. By keeping the message concise and personal, and using unbranded stationery, you can make a positive impression and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Handwritten letters are uniquely effective.

Sending bespoke handwritten letters are always a great idea

When it comes to effective communication, very few tools are as simple and powerful as authentic handwritten letters. Sending authentic handwritten letters simply is an outstanding gesture to express attention to detail and to subsequently make your message stand out.

The reason is easy to understand. There are always different levels of communication that have to be considered to communicate effectively. Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in our daily lives, as can improve your ability to relate, engage, and establish meaningful interactions with people you care about. A better understanding of the importance of nonverbal communication will help you to communicate effectively with people and to create an emotional level. This is especially true for handwritten letters when you communicate something important.

Handwritten letters will increase trust and create positive emotions

Nonverbal signals can increase trust, clarity, and add interest to your message when yielded properly. This is also true for handwritten cards or handwritten letters because we always value also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that have been invested in the message.

Rory Sutherland, a British marketing expert, speaks in this context about the theory of “costly signalling”. There is an important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. By sending a handwritten letter your message is much stronger than the pure information it contains.

Send handwritten letters if you want your message to be remembered

This fact is especially important in the digital age as there have never been so many conflicting demands on people’s attention, a very scarce resource in our attention economy. Communicating has never been cheaper and easier but at the same timeless effective. If you want to get the attention you need to make your message stand out. That’s why something as anachronistic as sending beautiful handwritten notes is a very smart idea. Sending handwritten notes sets you apart as someone with an understanding of the importance of also minor details.

Our handwritten notes are ideally suited to surprise and delight. There is simply nothing like sending fantastic handwritten letters, written with a fine fountain pen to communicate something of relevance.

At PENSAKI robots will write every single character with Lamy fountain pen for you. Several robot handwriting styles are available if you want to send more than 250 handwritten letters. The robot handwritten letters are fully pre-configured. Only your personal message and the postal address is missing. The stationary and the envelopes are of high-quality and completely unbranded. Every handwritten letter will receive a German first-class post stamp and will be mailed globally for you. You can personalize every handwritten letter with Pensaki completely, i.e. not only the salutation line. Within 3 business days, your handwritten notes will be handed over to Deutsche Post for global mail delivery.

Michaela Seika


"Pensaki invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign with a lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

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"The letters were a great success! If you really want to impress, the Pensaki Letters are a very good investment."