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handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®

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handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


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handgeschriebene Karten von PENSAKI®


Surprise& Delight

Handwritten postcards can be an exceptional marketing strategy to spread joy, delight, and express genuine appreciation. Unlike emails, these postcards are read and noticed due to their personal touch. The authenticity of handwritten postcards, where a real pen is used instead of mere printing, is an extremely effective albeit old-fashioned method to boost response rates.

In contrast to emails, often perceived as mass communication, handwritten postcards are unexpected and arouse curiosity. Customers are more inclined to open and read a handwritten postcard because they sense that someone has invested time and effort to convey a personal message to them. This results in higher customer attention and engagement.

Sending handwritten postcards instills trust and makes the message appear more authentic. Customers can discern the difference between a printed message and an actually handwritten card, which enhances the credibility and relevance of the message. Handwritten postcards are far from old-fashioned. Postcards written with fountain pens or ballpoint pens, rather than cheap printing, convey much more to all recipients than just your message. Therefore, PENSAKI handwritten postcards leave a lasting positive impression on all recipients, especially when you consider the important factors for success.

This expression of appreciation stands out and is rewarded with attention, while your competitors’ mundane printed materials go unnoticed in the trash. Writing with a pen yourself is even more effective.

Handwritten Postcards: Are You Missing Out on a 12% Win-Back Rate?

Have you ever wondered how to win back customers who have slipped away? It turns out that the key lies in making a personal connection. When it comes to rekindling those lost relationships, there’s nothing quite like direct conversation or a heartfelt handwritten message. In fact, handwritten postcards have proven to be even more successful than phone calls. Customers who receive handwritten postcards are more likely to return, and the numbers speak for themselves – businesses using Pensaki have achieved a remarkable customer win-back rate ranging from 9 to 12 percent during win-back campaigns. This is a substantial improvement compared to the typical four percent success rate for acquiring entirely new customers.

Building and maintaining customer relationships are the cornerstones of a successful business. Without that emotional connection, even minor issues or price differences can cause customers to question their loyalty. As Rory Sutherland astutely pointed out, “Business relationships without an emotional level are fundamentally questioned even for minor problems and price differences.

A striking example of the power of customer win-back mailings with handwritten postcards can be seen in the utility industry. In Germany, where every household has the freedom to choose its energy provider, the market is highly competitive. The legal framework allows customers to switch electricity providers within just three weeks, making it easy for them to choose a cheaper option if they haven’t established a personal relationship with their current provider.

The real opportunity lies in reactivating these customers through emotional connection. For most customers, their emotional bond with a provider holds more weight than a slight difference in price for gas and electricity. When issues arise, the ability to quickly and easily connect with a real person is invaluable. A strong business relationship built on trust and personalization is the foundation of customer loyalty and resilience on both sides. When customers feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to stay, even if there’s a slight cost difference.

Winning back lapsed customers with handwritten postcards is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a vital step toward maintaining a thriving business. Building those emotional connections and showing customers that they are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet can have a profound impact on customer loyalty and, ultimately, your bottom line. So, before you focus solely on acquiring new customers, consider the incredible value of winning back the ones who have already experienced what your business has to offer.

Marketing Success with Handwritten Postcards

40 %

Response Rate

"PENSAKI invitations generate new leads for our Oracle Eloqua campaign. Lead conversion rate of about 40%!"

24 %

Response Rate

"With Pensaki we easily achieved a 24% response rate. Normally, even with up-to-date data, the response rate is below 2%."

10 %

Response Rate

"... achieved a great direct mail response rate with PENSAKI. 10 percent of those contacted made an appointment."

40 %

Response Rate

"... achieved a great direct mail response rate as 40 percent of the recipients were converted as Leads."

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Handwritten Postcards are A Remarkable Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital world, where technology dominates communication channels, marketers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to engage and retain customers. In our fast-paced lives, we’re always seeking innovative ways to stand out and connect with customers. Amidst the digital noise, there’s an unexpected and appealing strategy: handwritten postcards. This seemingly anachronistic approach, where messages are actually written with a pen, has proven to be remarkably effective in surprising and delighting customers, reactivating dormant ones, winning back former customers, and increasing customer loyalty among our most valuable clients.

In a world saturated with impersonal interactions, receiving a handwritten postcard is a refreshing and unforgettable experience. The authenticity of a real pen touching the paper captures attention and evokes emotions in a way that digital communication cannot replicate. Handwritten postcards reflect genuine effort and care, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Handwritten postcards evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era, evoke warm feelings, and create positive associations. They foster a sense of personal connection, showing that customers are more than just data points. By personalizing each postcard with heartfelt messages, we demonstrate to our customers that they are valued and that we’ve taken the time to think about them.

But why are handwritten postcards such a powerful marketing strategy?

So, whether it’s reigniting the interest of dormant customers, rekindling relationships with former ones, or deepening connections with loyal clients, handwritten postcards are a marketing strategy that truly stands out. In a world where everything is automated and impersonal, the simple act of sending a handwritten message can make all the difference. It’s a tangible way to spread joy, delight, and pure appreciation, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of our customers.

Handwritten Postcards are Your Ticket to Surprise & Delight

Receiving a handwritten postcard is unexpected in today’s digital age. It breaks the monotony of email inboxes and social media feeds, instantly grabbing attention. The element of surprise leads to increased engagement, and the joy customers feel motivates them to take action. A handwritten postcard piques curiosity and sparks conversations, amplifying the reach and impact of our marketing efforts.

In today’s digital era, marketing experts are constantly searching for innovative strategies to connect with customers and boost response rates. Amidst widespread digital communication, the concept of authentic handwritten postcards may seem anachronistic, yet it holds tremendous potential to surprise and delight customers, reactivate dormant ones, win back former customers, and enhance customer loyalty. This overview explores the effectiveness of handwritten postcards and sheds light on why, despite their analog nature, they continue to yield remarkable results.

Studies reveal that handwritten postcards convey a sense of personalization and authenticity, standing out from the deluge of digital messages. Customers appreciate the effort and time invested in a handwritten message, fostering a deeper emotional connection. The tangible nature of postcards elicits a stronger response as they are held and interacted with. Moreover, handwritten letters always evoke nostalgia and create an unforgettable experience that lingers in the customer’s memory long after the initial interaction.

With handwritten postcards, marketing professionals can surprise and delight their customers, leave a lasting impression, and foster positive brand associations. Reactivating dormant customers becomes easier as personalized handwritten messages demonstrate genuine interest in their satisfaction and rekindle their connection to the brand. Furthermore, the uniqueness and novelty of receiving a handwritten postcard can be a compelling factor in winning back customers who may have turned away from digital marketing efforts.

As Rory Sutherland aptly states in his book ‘Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense,’

“Small acts of generosity are seen by people as soothing indicators of trustworthiness; the absence of such signals is correspondingly concerning.”

Sure, handwritten postcards may seem old-fashioned, but they are a powerful and unexpected marketing strategy in today’s digital world. They have the ability to surprise, engage, and create lasting connections with customers. In an age where digital interactions dominate, the genuine touch of a handwritten message sets our brand apart, leaving an indelible mark of joy, appreciation, and authenticity.

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