Psychological factors are decisive: Irrational rational.

The new gold: human attention – Digitalisation is making human attention a very scarce commodity. Information overload and lack of attention make it more difficult than ever to maintain attention. The human brain acts like a firewall, i.e. the so-called scope of attention is limited to 7 details per second, for example.

Successful marketing campaigns, therefore, pay attention to creativity, personalization and the expressed appreciation.  The knowledge of cognitive distortions in connection with human (usually irrational) decisions is important. For example, handwritten postcards are much more successful than printed direct mail in terms of the relevant marketing indicators.

“One second of attention equals on average 3 days of memory”

Karen Nelson-Field, Amplified Intelligence

Since our brain does not simply decode information, but always interprets its context and ascribes meanings and feelings to it, a handwritten letter can convey much more to the recipient than just words, namely appreciation and trust.