Handwritten Thank You Notes mailed globally from Germany

The handwriting is done with robots so that quality does not become random

already from 10 pieces

Directly mailed within 3 business days to all recipients



DIN A6 (148 x 105 mm)


300 gsm recycled cardboard


Mailed directly to recipients

Handwritten message:

450 characters

Handwriting Style:

ALEX style

Written with:

Fountain pens


unbranded stationery


C6 120 gsm White

Envelope Type:


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Handwritten thank-you notes are uniquely effective.

In our digital age, receiving a handwritten note can have a powerful psychological impact. In a world where we are bombarded with digital messages, a handwritten note stands out as a personal and thoughtful gesture. Research shows that receiving a handwritten note can increase feelings of gratitude and happiness, as well as boost self-esteem and well-being. It can also help to build and strengthen relationships by creating a deeper sense of connection and intimacy. Handwritten notes can also provide a sense of permanence and importance, as they are physical artifacts that can be saved and treasured over time. In a time when many people feel disconnected and isolated, a handwritten note can be a meaningful and uplifting reminder that we are valued and appreciated. So, the next time you want to express gratitude or show someone you care, consider putting pen to paper and sending a handwritten note.

A simple thank you note can go a long way. This is especially true for handwritten thank you cards that will be remembered. Expressing gratitude also has a positive effect on your mood. Expressing gratitude consequently improves one’s well-being. This is true both for the one who expresses gratitude and for the one who receives the gratitude. Expressing gratitude more often is a guarantee for more social contacts and to prevent depression. Expressing gratitude more often is always worthwhile! At the same time, handwritten thank you cards remain unique.

Handwritten thank you cards convey appreciation

Saying thank you shows appreciation to other people. A handwritten thank you note conveys greater appreciation and remains in the memory much longer than a WhatsApp message or e-mail. By simply saying thank you in the form of words, we can acknowledge others’ efforts on our behalf. The word “thank you” is a kind of social lubricant that facilitates or enables relationships. If you can’t pick up a fountain pen yourself or lack legible handwriting, with PENSAKI you can easily create handwritten thank you cards here and send them by mail.

Handwritten thank you cards are personal

Saying thank you can do a lot of positive things for your interaction with other people. In terms of content, thank you notes are a very free-text format. Ideally, you should refrain from using empty words and bullshit. Handwritten thank-you notes are an expression of politeness. With each handwritten thank you note you have the opportunity to increase the attention for yourself and to express your appreciation. Of course, there are many other formats to thank others. Here you can also use our handwritten deluxe notes or the premium handwritten notes. If the message should be a little longer, the handwritten A4 letters with 650 characters of text also fit perfectly.

Handwritten thank-you notes make you stand out

Every handwritten thank you note receives a German post stamp and is delivered directly to the post office for you. Of course, reaching for a fountain pen and writing yourself always remains the best alternative, only after that comes Pensaki.

When it comes to effective marketing communication, very few tools are as simple and powerful as handwritten thank-you notes. Sending handwritten thank-you notes is a smart gesture from the sender to the recipient that demonstrates gratitude for the time and effort spent. Especially in the business world, thank-you notes can be sent after an interview for a new job, a meeting to discuss a possible business collaboration, or after a lunch meeting.
“Business relationships without an emotional dimension are fundamentally questioned already with minor problems and price differences”.

There is a very important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information.

There are also several levels of communication that have to be considered to generate success. The recipients value also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that the sender has invested in his message. British marketing expert, Rory Sutherland speaks in this context about “costly signalling”. Especially in our digital age, a handwritten thank-you note sets you apart as someone with an understanding of the importance of also minor details. Sending a handwritten thank-you note is a win-win; the recipient feels appreciated, and it makes the writer stand out for demonstrating his or her knowledge about such manners. Handwritten thank-you notes are remembered.

Michaela Seika


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