Unbranded Handwritten Notes Mailed Worldwide From Germany

The handwriting is done with robots so that quality does not become random



DIN DL (210 x 105 mm)



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Fountain pens

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Costly Signaling: How Quality Stationery Enhances Your Image

In marketing and sales, every interaction with a potential customer counts. Sending a personal message as a handwritten note on high-quality stationery is a powerful way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Costly signaling theory suggests that investing in something that is not necessary but enhances your image sends a message of commitment and confidence to the recipient. By choosing to invest in quality stationery, you communicate that you care about the details and are willing to go the extra mile to create a positive impression.

Psychological Reciprocity: The Power of Personalization

When you receive a handwritten note, you feel appreciated and valued. This is because personalized communication triggers the psychological principle of reciprocity. When someone goes out of their way to show that they care, we are more likely to reciprocate and engage with them. By taking the time to write a personal note, you create a connection with the recipient that can increase the likelihood of a successful sales outcome.

EU-GDPR and Direct Mail: The Legally Valid Approach

The GDPR has made it more challenging to reach out to customers via email without an opt-in. However, direct mail is still a valid approach, as long as you follow GDPR regulations. Sending a personalized, handwritten note on unbranded stationery is an excellent way to comply with GDPR while also creating a positive impression. By avoiding branded stationery or overtly promotional language, you are less likely to trigger GDPR compliance issues.

In conclusion, sending a personal message as a handwritten note on quality stationery can be a powerful marketing and sales tool. By investing in quality materials, personalizing your message, and complying with GDPR regulations, you can create a positive impression that enhances your image and increases your chances of success.

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Unleash Your Marketing Potential with Handwritten Notes

Beautiful handwritten cards are an outstanding idea

When it comes to effective communication, very few tools are as simple and powerful as authentic handwritten cards. Sending beautiful handwritten cards simply is an outstanding gesture to express true gratitude.

The reason is easy to understand. There are always different levels of communication that have to be considered to communicate effectively. Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in our daily lives, as can improve your ability to relate, engage, and establish meaningful interactions with people you care about. A better understanding of the importance of nonverbal communication will help you to communicate effectively with people and to create an emotional level.

Handwritten cards can increase trust and create positive emotions

Nonverbal signals can increase trust, clarity, and add interest to your message when yielded properly. This is also true for handwritten cards or handwritten letters because we always value also the creative aspect and the perceived costs that have been invested in the message.

Rory Sutherland, a British marketing expert, speaks in this context about the theory of “costly signalling”. There is an important fact that is often forgotten. Communication is not the same as information. By sending a handwritten note your message is much stronger than the pure information it contains.

Send handwritten cards if you want your message to be remembered

This fact is especially important in the digital age as there have never been so many conflicting demands on people’s attention, a very scarce resource in our attention economy. Communicating has never been cheaper and easier but at the same timeless effective. If you want to get the attention you need to make your message stand out. That’s why something as anachronistic as sending beautiful handwritten notes is a very smart idea. Sending handwritten notes sets you apart as someone with an understanding of the importance of also minor details.

Our handwritten letters are ideally suited to communicate effectively. There is simply nothing like sending fantastic handwritten notes, written with a fine fountain pen to inspire your love of the written words.

At PENSAKI robots will write every single character with Lamy fountain pen for you. Several robot handwriting styles are available if you want to send more than 250 handwritten letters. The robot handwritten notes are fully pre-configured. Only your personal message and the postal address is missing. The stationary and the envelopes are of high-quality and completely unbranded. Every handwritten letter will receive a German first-class post stamp and will be mailed globally for you. You can personalize every handwritten card with Pensaki completely, i.e. not only the salutation line. Within 3 business days, your handwritten notes will be handed over to Deutsche Post for global mail delivery.

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Unbranded Handwritten Notes Mailed Worldwide From Germany